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Bloom app - tracking contractions

I know it's VERY early to even be talking about labor at this point. But has anyone heard of bloom? It's a device in the form
of a patch you wear on your stomach, and takes the guesswork out of tracking contractions, by syncing (sp?) it to an app on your phone. Length, strength, time
on between, etc.

Just popped up as an ad for me on Facebook (because Facebook knows I'm pregnant, and is targeting their advertising!) so started to check it out. You pay a weekly fee, (for me in the U.S. Said $29 per week).


This is the site -

Re: Bloom app - tracking contractions

  • IMO that's too expensive for an app when I can get one that will do that for free, minus the patch. I feel like I can track that stuff manually just fine but I guess if you were super stressed about it or something it might be worth it. 

  • Facebook has been targeting me with that ad too.  If you aren't having pre term labor I don't think it is worth the monthly fee.
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  • I wouldn't buy it. I don't think it's needed. Like PP said there's too many free apps. Plus, I never counted my contractions
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    That's 100% a waste of money. Braxton hicks contractions without cervical change don't matter at the end anyway. Labor contractions are intense and you won't be able to speak through them. You will not need an app to tell you when you are having them. 
  • @ThePax89 Love love love your explanation. I have Braxton hicks throughout the day. I constantly think, If I'm still worried about eating my snack then I'm doing okay. 
  • Thanks ladies - great points!
  • Full term is a GREAT free app for tracking contractions! 
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