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Caught In-law AM closet drinking....

So went to visit my in laws Sunday morning for breakfast and my MIL was slurring by the time 11AM rolled around. She was drinking vodka like it was water (literally trying to pass it for water), and my DH caught her trying to hide and pour the vodka under the kitchen counter. It caught us off guard to say the least, and I definitely don't want that around the baby. Should we bring it up? We were about to move back into an in-law apartment while we move and I don't want that around my kid if it's a more frequent occurrence than I'm aware of. Am I over reacting? Or overstepping boundaries by mentioning it to her? Obviously we are afraid of back lash and denial too. 

Re: Caught In-law AM closet drinking....

  • I don't think you are overreacting, especially since you may be living with your in laws!  Are there other family members you can talk to (DH's siblings or FIL?) to find out if this is a habit?  If so, you may want to present a unified front and help her seek help.  I definitely wouldn't bring it up on my own to her.

    If she is in any way caring for your LO you will want to make sure she is not putting your child in danger with her drinking habits.

    Good luck! 
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  • @UnbreakableKimmySchmidt Thanks for the advice, I think that you are right. It scares me to try to approach her but hopefully she'll understand that it's only because we are worried and care. I understand that sometimes people have a bloody mary or a mimosa in the morning, but this wasn't what was happening. The fact that she was hiding it under the counter is what scares me. Thanks for the support! 

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  • Definitely not overreacting. I remember confronting a colleague regarding her drinking problem. It was already hard to broach the subject and even harder to continue the conversation because she flat out denied it. I think the unified front is good but maybe limit the amount of people to two. I felt that it was a mistake to have four people present for the confrontation. I think she would have felt less embarrassed and defensive if there were fewer people. 
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