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Potty Training at 19months??

*It's been a while since I've posted on the Bump!**
My daughter is 19 months old and is extremely interested in the potty (sitting on her potty fully clothed, as well as naked before bathtime, etc).  Where do we start? We were given a potty seat adapter and a potty chair by a friend who's daughter barely used them.  So we are ready in that aspect.  However, I'm not sure of where we should start.  I haven't had to potty train a little one in over 13 years (my son is 15 and was fully trained by 2years old). Is there anyone else that is preparing to potty train?

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Re: Potty Training at 19months??

  • I would like to also potty train earlier than what is now considered "normal", my son is 18 months. I have a little potty and I talk about the potty when I go. I think my next step is to get a book about pottying and I dont know if there are any cartoon-ish videos about pottying but I think that would be something that my little guy would like. Then once I have a span of about 3-5 days where I don't have work or anything planned, we will do the naked timer method. Just let them run around naked and about every 15 minutes take them to sit on the potty. There are a couple of good books out there but I am not at that step yet so I don't know the names. 
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  • Hello! I, too, haven't posted here in forever. My daughter is 19 months old as well and has always wanted to be doing everything we're doing so the potty has been of interest for a few months. Im totally winging it myself, and have a ton of questions! All I know is I'm focusing on not focusing on it. She happened to poop in her potty last week, and then pee in it a few days ago. I just kept asking her if she felt like she needed to Poo Poo or Pee Pee and it just happened. However, there's no pattern yet..Right now I think she just enjoys getting on and off the potty and practice pushing her pants down and pulling them up! I just got the book Once Upon a Potty, and one of those seats to sit on the big toilet. I'll be curious which one she prefers! 
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