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Organizing baby gear- system that moves easily?

Does anyone have a system/piece of furniture for organizing baby stuff that works well for moving regularly?
We're gearing up for our first and I need something now to start holding all the early gifts/samples/stuff. I'd love to get something that will work not only for this location but for the next few as well- so, no built-ins in the closet or wall shelves. 

I'm wondering if a wardrobe, or dresser, or one of those stands that hold baskets would work well? Any experiences or recommendations people have with any/all of those or other nursery furniture would be awesome... 
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Re: Organizing baby gear- system that moves easily?

  • My daughter is 3 1/2 months old and we moved cross country when she was 2 months. I used a lot of collapsible fabric storage boxes for clothes and samples before we moved (and didn't have a real "nursery". More of a nursery/office/guest room.) Now I have a dresser on the way, but still plan to use the boxes in her closet for organization. I also found one of those over the door hanging organizers very useful for diapers, burp rags, blankets, etc.
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  • @meggyme these boxes look great! Love the idea of using a hanging door organizer, hadn't thought of that. 
    It sounds like we're in a similar boat- we'll probably be moving when the LO is between 2 and 5 months (some of the new jobs are in this same area, I'm hoping we get lucky LOL). Right now the room we'd turn into the nursery is a packed guest room/office/library.
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  • Very similar. We didn't do a nursery at all at our last house and just bought a pack n play with changing table and stand alone bassinet. Then we used to sleeping area of the pack n play to keep the boxes organized, along with diapers, blankets, etc. I actually will finish her nursery in our new house this week.
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