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Awake time for newborn


My question is how long is your baby awake before he/she goes down for a nap. I'm beginning to think that some of the bouts of excessive crying my baby has is due to being over tired.  Because he's getting older (hes 4 weeks today) he's become way more alert during the day and sometimes is up for over an hour at a time. 

He used to just fall asleep on my boob during feedings, but really doesn't do that during the day anymore. I'm really not sure if I should try and make him go to sleep after a certain amount of time of being up or how to do that anyway. I feel trying to get him to nap before he's ready to would also set him off into a crying episode.

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  • I'm in a similar boat. I try to get him to nap after he's eaten from both sides this usually takes about an 1.5 hrs as I do diaper change and some floor time between each side. I find if I put him on my tummy and pat his back he will fall asleep within 15 or so mins. 
  • Typically my girl is up for 45-60 min after we change her, unless she's very fussy and obviously hungry, in which case I'll BF her and she'll usually fall asleep after she eats, and naps for 1.5-2.5 hours before the cycle repeats. She's just about 2 weeks old now, and is having longer awake stretches but I usually try to get her down to nap after an hour and a half. Any longer than that and we find she's much harder to put down at night. The longer she sleeps during the day, the better and longer stretches we get at night. 
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  • 60-90 minutes ideally but that doesn't always happen, especially when her older sister keeps her up and she fights sleep...
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  • I've noticed as he's gotten older he is more awake after feeds or only sleeps for an hour or so between feeds. He is 5 weeks old today and is awake for about 30-60 mins after eating during the day but sleeps between feeds at night.
  • Mine (4 weeks on Tuesday) stays awake for 3-4 hours comfortably during the day and naps for about an hour. 

    Just shows you how different babies are! :smile:
  • Brielle will be 6w Tuesday and is awake a minimum 30min and at most 3.5hrs at a time.
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  • Mine likes to stay awake for between 2 to 3 hours and then take a few shorter naps and usually a good 2 and a half to 3 hour nap once or twice a day. One day he fought sleep so bad and was up for 7 hours with maybe a 5 minute nap, I felt so bad for him and then for me,because he slept horrible that night. Luckily that has only happened once. 
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