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  • @LinziLoo09  I'm taking my peanut butter in the form of a PB&J today.
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  • Is it too early to start maternity leave three months before the baby is due? Because pregnancy brain, and I don't feel like working.
    I've been wondering the same thing. We had a quiet summer in the office but the last month has been crazy, and it's not letting up anytime soon. I just want to go home and eat all the ice cream.
  • @LinziLoo09 I have eaten three apples with three GIANT spoonfuls of peanut butter to go with them. Someone  at work actually commented on the amount of peanut butter I've consumed today. 

  • Have we discussed how long you will be staying inside once LO gets here? DH said today that he doesn't want us going out much at all, but I can't stay home for long periods of time. I'll go stir crazy. DD was born during summertime, so we didn't really have to worry about the cold weather and cold/flu season.
  • @mamax2 I think it just depends on the severity of cold/flu season where I'm at. I'll certainly be bringing the baby to my parents house and on walks in the neighborhood. If it's bad, I may limit trips to stores but more likely I'd cover with a blanket or wear the baby and not allow anyone close. 
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  • @Mamax2 FI'a family has a special Christmas Day thing very year that we will be taking baby too. If the weather and flu season aren't too bad we may start taking the baby out more regularly after that first week in January. If not then I'll probably stay home with Rhett for the first 6 weeks while FI goes to the store, etc. to recover from the C section and then after that we'll trade off. I don't anticipate feeling cooped up because we'll have family visiting us at home, plus I'm not really one to enjoy going out much anyways.
  • Omg @temmetime you just made me cry. That's so sweet. 

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  • @mamax2 Assuming I have an uneventful birth, I'm probably going to stay put for a week or so before venturing out. As of right now I would be induced on a Monday night, and I've been told they won't let me go past that Tuesday. I get stir crazy too and rarely stay in all day unless I'm sick, which is rare. But I tend to push myself too hard, so I'm really trying to stick to a week of doing nothing but resting. But then I will be out and about tying up any loose ends for Christmas and we always look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. 
  • I'm not caught up here so sorry if I'm ignoring anything important but I need to survey this group:

    Today I had my Rhogam shot and my TDAP.  I feel like shit.  Woozy, shaky, sweaty...  anyone else?  I looked up the side effects and this is within 'normal' range for TDaP but For some reason I'm concerned about it.  Any insight? 
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  • @Mamax2 I agree I'd feel stir crazy if we were stuck inside for too long. I definitely want to start doing neighborhood walks as soon as I'm feeling up to it physically. But we probably won't alter our routine too much. If we feel up to going out, we'll go out. Don't let strangers/sickies touch baby boy. Keep our own hands washed. But no way could I be stuck inside for months. 
  • fauxpa-2fauxpa-2 member
    edited October 2016
    @DiFazette I definitely got the flu like symptoms after the tdap.  I also got the flu shot at the same time, but the rest of the day I was achy, tired, and cold sweaty.  I never had a fever, but just felt like crap for about 48 hours after I had it.  I had just had the tdap last year and didn't have the same symptoms so I'm wondering if pregnancy just makes us more sensitive to it. 

  • @Fauxpa thanks.  They tried to push the flu vaccine on me today, too.  I politely told them to go to hell.  2 shots that I know are painful is enough for 1 day.  I don't remember feeling this way with the TDaP before,but doesn't mean it didn't happen,  
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  • Kacie209Kacie209 member
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    I always told people what week I'm in when they've asked... as it was much easier than me trying to remember what month it equaled to since I never remembered. Right before the 3rd trimester started, I would say that and let them figure it out. Less work for me. *lol*

    I only have 6 more weeks of work until I'm out on leave. And all but one of those weeks are all 4-day weeks due to having to use my remaining vacation days before I go on leave. Yay for some Fridays and Mondays off. I am now happy for those remaining vacation days, as well as having 3 weeks and a day off before I'm due.

    I may get bored during that time, but I can always go for a walk around the mall or something. Oh, I can become a mall walker like my parents do in the winter months! :) I am sure I will get bored sitting around, but I'll worry about that when time comes. I know one day will be for Christmas decorating and then some freezer meal planning just cos I have the time. I may also plan out some fun suppers for DH, since he is usually the one who cooks.

    @fauxpa I got the flu shot yesterday and just have a very sore arm today. I get the TDAP 10/18, as I opted NOT to have them done at the same time. I know everyone is different, but good to know there may be some symptoms to look for after it's done. My appointment is in the afternoon, so I'll be leaving work early and not coming back - which my be a good idea.

    Edit: To add - FTM here and it will be in the start of winter when DS is born - and we're supposed to have a more average winter (cold temps and lots of snow) compared to the last couple of years (mild temps, not much snow). I don't plan on bringing him outside unless I absolutely need to. Again, maybe to the mall so I can walk around and a few errands here and there but that will be it. SIL thinks we'll be over all the time, as we do go there at least once a week to hang out with our nephews (and see them too, but more so the nephews)... and I'm like, Um.. no?! You can visit us.

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  • DiFazetteDiFazette member
    edited October 2016
    @Kacie209 did you have any side effects from the TDaP? Never mind - reading comprehension is hard.  We are in month 10. 
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  • @DiFazette I think that was a GOOD idea to turn down the flu shot today (they really should have KNOWN not to do that!!)- your body is already on overdrive with 2 babies- They act like vaccines are nothing, but the 2 shots you did get are taking a huge toll on your immune system as it tries to get antibodies built. Sorry- no great insight- Just try to rest and treat yourself like you have a cold....
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  • Sorry for the post and run ladies! Thanks for your input. DH's eyes just about popped out of his head when I said I'd like to venture out after about 2 weeks.
  • @Mamax2 DD was born over Thanksgiving, and we were out walking in the park that week with DD all bundled up. I also remember we went out to eat with my dad and step mom at 2 weeks, but we ate during off hours so it wasn't crowded. We also requested a table away from the main sections, and they were very accommodating. As an extra precaution, the carrier was covered with a blanket too. I think there are little things you can do to keep busy and get out when you can during those first few months, while still being protective of that little immune system. I'd talk to your pediatrician about it at the first visit to get some tips.
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  • @Mamax2 my husband is trying to say that we won't be venturing out for a MONTH after! Yeah, not happening. We are due Christmas week, so we can't really make any plans regarding whether we will be traveling that week or not. The weekend before our due date is my brother's commencement from his PhD program about 2.5 hours away and unless I am in the hospital delivering, we will be going to that (though, if the baby is already born, I am getting it a tiny graduation robe and hat to wear to the event). Both my brothers will be in the state during the Christmas time (we live in MI, one is coming from Maine, the other from London), so I am sure we will either be hosting them to come over and visit or we will make a trip within the week of the birth to go see them where they'll be staying near family about 2 hours away. While I am on maternity leave, I am going to become a Mall Walker and use an infant carrier instead of a stroller to help keep away from the germs and also because the stroller is HUGE and I don't want to have to take it out and put it in the car without help. I will go stir crazy if I stay in the house too much. And with my brothers being around to visit, I want to be able to let them see their niece/nephew as much as they want to within reason. Husband will just have to carry around a ton of hand sanitizer and wet wipes to make sure everything is as clean as possible!!
  • Thanks again ladies! I'm going to be having another surgery (ear) 3 weeks after my c-section and tubal. Maybe I'll venture out 2 weeks after my c-section, and be able to get some time out of the house before my next surgery. 
  • @LinziLoo09 Literally just at an apple and peanut butter too.

  • @LinziLoo09 I literally did the same thing last night! Started with good intentions with a cut up apple and peanut butter, ended up on the couch with the jar of peanut butter next to me.
  • DiFazette said:
    @Fauxpa thanks.  They tried to push the flu vaccine on me today, too.  I politely told them to go to hell.  2 shots that I know are painful is enough for 1 day.  I don't remember feeling this way with the TDaP before,but doesn't mean it didn't happen,  
    And here I thought I was the only one...

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  • For those of you who are swollen enough for your ring to no longer fit.. what are you doing? My wedding ring still fits for now, but I'm sure it won't within a few more weeks & I'm contemplating getting a plain band to wear after baby is here anyway so I don't scratch him. Experiences? Thoughts?
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  • @temmetime I have put my engagement ring and another ring with a stone away for the duration of my pregnancy because SWELLING. My wedding ring is just a plain band which I much prefer over anything with a stone. 

    These are cool too: https://www.saferingz.com/ https://ensorings.com/

  • @temmetime Put mine on a chain and just wear as a necklace. 
  • @temmetime I'm not wearing anything. My last pregnancy I bought fake rings in bigger sizes. Those don't even feel comfy now. So I look like an unmarried pregnant lady. Oh well. 

    I don't want to scratch my ring with a chain. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • @temmetime I have retired my rings as of this week and wear a silicone band I usually reserve for working out, swimming, working in the yard, etc

    Also for the tdap, I felt like crap all day yesterday after getting my shot on Tuesday. Today I'm fine. I also got the flu shot at the same time. 
  • @temmetime I am discussing this with my DH right now. Mine still fit, but they're getting snug. I don't want to wait too long before putting them in the safe as I hear some people have trouble getting them off once the swelling really sets in. I no longer sleep in mine, which I stopped doing after the first trimester when I noticed that I would wake up more puffy. Now I am noticing that my hands are peeling in the areas that touch my rings, so either I have acquired an irritation to platinum, or the constant washing of my hands from having to pee anytime I stand up is causing an irritation. Joy. I'll probably reduce to just my band (plain wedding band) first then get something temporary to wear when just one band gets too snug. DH suggested I wear them on a necklace, but that makes me nervous as knowing my luck, I'd lose them, so no to that.
  • @temmetime my ring is already swollen on, it'd be near impossible to get it off now. I'm just going to leave it. My swelling is gone within a month of giving birth, so I'll just cross my swollen fingers that it doesn't end up cutting off circulation. 

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  • @temmetime I have traded in my wedding ring for a cheap silicone ring. Try saferingz.com
    Got one for DH for when he has to do field work and he raves about how comfortable it is all the time. I've been wearing one for about a month now, and I agree, super comfortable for my swelling fingers!
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