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Hello!! I'm new and nervous!

My name is Lindsey, I'm brand new here and I hope to find and be a part of a supportive online community for this painful journey I've found myself on. I'm 30 years old, had no problem conceiving DD who is 3 now. 

DH and I find ourselves at a year and a half of trying with 3 early losses. I have had many tests done and the only thing that has been a slight red flag is elevated AMH (9.?) and very very thick EWCM that my OB said was unusual and almost impenetrable. We are on our second month of unmedicated IUI, the first one resulted in a CP. If this month doesn't work out we plan to add Letrozole into the mix. I look forward to learning about fertility treatments from you all as all of the questions I have about all the other options makes me so nervous. 

Im sorry that we are all here but I'm hopeful to share in this alongside you all and hopefully be able to lend my support as often as possible.

Re: Hello!! I'm new and nervous!

  • Welcome!  Sorry to hear about your losses.  Ask anything you like and we will try to answer.
    MC Sept 2010
    BFP Oct 2011 - DD born July 2012
    TTC again since July 2014
    First IUI 9/26/16:  BFP!
    EDD 6/19/2017
    It's a girl!
    Born 6/26/17, 9lb 5oz
  • Hi and welcome. I am sorry for all the troubles, have you had any testing so far?

    Kid #1 - 09/03/12
    Kid #2 - maybe???
    Diagnosed with Severe Ashermans 
    Hysteroscopy #10 - scar tissue grew back reblocking my right tube
    #11 or IVF with scarring still inside?
    1 lone embryo from September 2016 retreival, dx with Trisomy 16, starting fresh
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  • I'm new here too and also doing IUIs. Mine are with clomid and trigger shot. Hoping you get your BFP this cycle!
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