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Back to work pumping and lactation problems, need help!

Hey everyone, 

I am a bf mom, although not a ebf mom I still try to bf every chance I get home. I was told by the Ped. to supplement my LO because he was still very small and wasn't quite reaching his weight milestones. I am wishing that I had never started giving formula, although he is gaining weight appropriately and seems to be thriving. So I stopped working June 30, was induced and gave birth to my son, my first child, on July 2. I ebf until Aug 5th when the Ped told he he wasn't gaining enough and I needed to supplement because he want getting enough breast milk. I never really pumped much, however I always had my son on the breast everyday almost all day from the time I had him until I went back to work on Sept 12. 

Now, at work, I am allowed to have 2 paid 20 minutes breaks to pump, which I usually take one because I usually drive home everyday to feed my son for about 30 minutes on my lunch break. Everything was fine, I would get super full but then I'd pump at work and feel better, or feed my son at home on lunch or after work. Everything seemed to be going well so far. I was producing 2 oz per 20 minutes on each breast. 

I missed pumping for 3 work days due to being excessively busy (I'm a vet tech). I still came home abs fed my boy abd would feed at night. The past 2 nights by son slept through and didn't feed. Yesterday, I noticed a change. I wasnt sore, and bra pads were not wet like usual. I sat to pump and by the end of 20 minutes, I got a little less than an oz out of each breast. After work I pumped and got less than an oz out of both breast combined. 

My LO has been nursing abd seems to nurse fine, I dint hear gulping like usual, but I see milk will my nipple shield and I see it trickle Down his face. I am fearing that I am starting to dry up abd it literally only been 3 days of being off the pump at work routine. I am so overwhelmed abd the who situation is so dishaertening. I feel like I am failing. I need help! What do I need to do? 

My goal is bf for at least a year and it's only been 3 months. Has going back to work sabotaged my lactation?

Re: Back to work pumping and lactation problems, need help!

  • I just went through a very similar situation. I wrote more details over in the breastfeeding specialty thread, but basically I went back to when we first brought DD home from the hospital and fed her every 2-3 hours. Day and night. The issue resolved itself in about 48 hours after having gone from 5-6 oz per session to drops each session for almost 5 days. So there's still hope for you! Good luck!
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