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  • @AllyTheKid That's great news!

    @sjo_thetwins My swelling definitely got worse before it got better. They ended up giving me a water pill for three days because of the preeclampsia and it worked magically.
  • @allythekid such good news! Hopefully everything goes smoothly from here on out! Having a LO in the NICU sounds stressful enough, having to do all this testing must make it even worse.

    @sjo_thetwins my sister had horrible swelling after giving birth- try and drink down some more water, prop a few pillows under your feet and have your SO massage your feet from the bottom up to your knees. 
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  • @sjo_thetwins- sorry you're in such a bad way today :( once the adrenaline wears off, recovery can really hit you hard. Take as much advantage as you can of having the babies in NICU to rest. It is so important to do that now while you can. For swelling- with DS I was SO MUCH more swollen postpartum. It was crazy to me. 
  • @AllyTheKid what a fantastic update! Fingers crossed for continued good news!

    @PCOSbaby, regarding the shakes and being had double the blood volume and now your body is "downsizing." Hopefully you will adjust in a few days!

    @sjo_thetwins, if you were on IV fluids during labor, it will take a while for the swelling to go down. Stay hydrated and prop those feet up!
  • @sjo_thetwins yes I definitely had swelling that was way worse than any I had during the pregnancy. Major pitting edema gradually faded from top-down. I felt like I had a swollen torso and elephant legs for a good week after, then from my knees down, then mostly ankles and feet, now finally pretty much back to normal three weeks PP.  I was told that it happens because your kidneys have to clear out a ridiculous amount of fluid that during pregnancy would be in your bloodstream and/or going to your uterus…especially having been on lots of IV fluids in the days prior to my C-section. Drink lots of water, walk around as much as you can, and put your feet up when resting and it will gradually go away.
  • @AllyTheKid glad to hear the good news. I hope things keep going well for you and Johnny. 

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  • @AllyTheKid- I found your update! I've been trying to figure out where it was lol. SO happy to see this good update and looking forward to seeing many more great updates from you!!!

    @sjo_thetwins - ::Hugs::.... Very gently hugs lol... I'm so sorry recovery is going rough right now. Hoping it gets better for you soon!!

  • @sjo_thetwins trust me take hot showers as much as you can handle and use that nursery 
  • i'm just happy about pain meds and cold
  • @sjo_thetwins I had horrible feet swelling after! The nurse told me it would take a week or two to go down but it only took a few days.
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  • don't rub it in! lmao @AllyTheKid i was just telling my SO how i want a cold glass of red moscato as soon as this baby pops out!
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  • @AllyTheKid One of our friends told me that every woman he knows who has a glass of wine at the end of pregnancy goes into labor the next day. I haven't tried this theory! 
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  • @bnsmith85 I didn't put much stock into his advice  :D
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  • @bnsmith85 I didn't put much stock into his advice  :D
    I figured as much... Maybe you should try it anyway. I mean... Wine!

  • Question mamas - did anyone deal with wicked horrid worse than pregnancy swelling in their feet once they delivered? Mine is consistently getting worse and the nurse wasn't worried yesterday, saying it's just gonna take some time for me to pee out all of the extra fluid, but it's SO BAD. 
    I know I'm late with this but oh god yes! There are some days my feet hurt more than my csection and I was told it could take up to 3 weeks to go down
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  • My swelling was exactly the opposite. I got soooooooooo sosososososososo incredibly swollen during pregnancy, and now my feet and ankles are back to normal and it looks like I've lost a bazillion pounds. They feel so much better, but it's also a reminder to me that I'm not pregnant anymore even though I should be.

    I think most of the weight I gained while pregnant was fluid, especially since Baby was so small. 

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  • You know your swelling is bad when the NICU nurse starts giving you the baby talk about them "look at those sausages you poor girl!" 
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