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Intro- TW children mentioned

Hi All,

I'm posting here today to help with my coping process. I was on the April 2017 moms board expecting our third. At our first doctor's appointment there was no heart beat and the baby measured 6w5d when it should have measured 8w2d. The appointment was on Tuesday 9/6 and I had a D&C that Friday.

All this happened in a blur. My husband went out of town for the week the Sunday right after the D&C and I was just in survival mode. In the days after, I told my Mom what happened. In the weeks after, I told my best friends. Doing so has helped with coping and since I just disappeared from the boards after this happened I wanted to come back and post here.

Reading your experiences is helping me understand it will take time. We have 2 children and they keep me busy and moving forward, but I still need to give myself time to heal over the m/c. I am sincerely sorry for each of your losses and I thank you for sharing. It has helped me in my own healing process.
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Re: Intro- TW children mentioned

  • I felt the same way...I was part of the March 2017 board and lost mine in august..right after we saw the heart beat and confirmed viability. Time does help. My daughter also helped m3 cope. Most days I am fine but there are nights I wake up in the middle of the night yearning to be pregnant. I just had my first menstrual cycle since the miscarriage and I cried because it was another reminder that I wasn't pregnant and my LO was gone. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to you. This board has really helped me alot and hopefully I can return and join the PGA board.
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    So sorry for your loss and I too was on the April board / disappeared. I have 2 kids as well and this would have been the 3rd. It's so hard but as mentioned time does help. For me it was my 2nd consecutive when I've never had one ever previously which was shattering. Anyway, one thing that helped me was knowing it was chromosomal and I couldn't have done a thing different. Knowing that something was wrong and the baby couldn't survive outside the womb helped me, in most every case something is wrong, we just may never know what. In my mind I rationalized it as something is wrong and I'd rather have this happen sooner than later. Take care of yourself and it does get better. "Go home and hug your kids" is what my doctor told me, that helps too. Just having that sincere gratitude. 
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  • I am so, so sorry to hear this @KT&John. Thoughts and prayers for you, and continued healing. 
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  • Thank you all. Big hugs to those going through this.
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    DD- 9
    c/p- April 2016
    missed m/c- 6w5d; discovered 8w2d- September 2016

  • I am sorry. :-( 

    When you've been married this long, you need a ticker to remind you.

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  • I am sorry for your loss :(
  • So sorry for your loss. 
  • I am very sorry for your loss and feel the same way.  I was part of the feb. 2017 boards and I had to leave the boards.  
    Time we started to heal.. however I think we (mh and I) are still nervous.

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