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Bra shopping post BFing...

is sooooo sad. That is all.  :(:s:/:'(

Re: Bra shopping post BFing...

  • I just... I can't... they are SO deflated and tiny. It's downright cruel. 
  • I'm still wearing my comfy cotton nursing bras ... I will never wear underwire again!
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  • Lol one of my friends just found out she's pregnant. I was telling her how deflated my boobs are and I think I freaked out out
  • Yeah, I'm still wearing my nursing bras too. I kinda envy you ladies with deflated boobs. None of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit my chest and my dance costume makes me look like I'm a showgirl, so I can't wear it anymore, and a new custom costume is 700.00
  • Yep yep yep. I've always been well endowed but now I'm just a saggy stretched out mess (and I'm still nursing so we haven't even seen the full deflate yet). What a cruel twist of fate. But I gotta love my nursing bras. Also, my maternity pants. I'm not afraid to admit that I still wear them.

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  • Nobody will ever accuse me of having fake boobs again!!! They are still a D but a deflated D. Ugh. I use to get so annoyed with the 'are they real' I REALLY miss my pre pregnancy boobs. 
  • Go to Victoria Secret! Yes i know theyre pricy but SOOO worth it. They have those push up bras that make your boobs look perky, fuller & wonderful! Lol. I used to be a 36C and went up to a 34D and even after i stopped pumping @6 months they never went down their normal size so i have big boobs but not as pretty and with out a bra they dont perk up like they used to on their own anymore :disappointed: lol. With those bras i feel like a normal 24 year old with pretty breastisists. Totally worth those 50$ no lie.
  • I stopped producing on my left but am still nursing on my right so.... I look pretty weird. I was small before pregnancy but now my left side is like a pancake :( well, it was fun while it lasted...
  • It is so sad  :'( I went from a fullish C to..I don't even know. They're teensy. It's sad.
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