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Blood in breastmilk?

so I pump 3 times a day currently - 5am, 11am and 5:30pm. And I nurse her before bed at 8:30pm. 2 weeks ago I stopped pumping at 2 pm to start the weaning process. Well yesterday at my 11am pump I noticed my boobs were more sore than normal and it took longer to pump 4oz than normal. I pumped again at 5:30 (still a little sore). Nursed at 8:30 and soreness completely went away. Well this morning at 5 am when i pumped I noticed what looked like blood in milk, I stopped pumping and didn't notice any sores or bleeding on outside of nipple. So got fresh parts and continued pumping  what appeared to be normal milk with no blood. Anybody ever experience this??

Re: Blood in breastmilk?

  • I did. Just one boob. Have you replaced pump parts recently? Mine was after using a hospital grade pump and it was due to the increased suction. I just turned the pump down til the tenderness subsided, which was a couple days. Then turned it all back up and all was well. I had blood just twice during that time. 
  • I had this happen a few months ago. I had pumped a full bottle and it looked the same. I asked the doctor about it and she said it was fine to give to the baby. She said that it was just a little extra protein:) My LO drank it with no problems. You could check with your doctor if you want to be sure. It only happened once for me but we didn't have any issues!
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  • No, didn't change any parts. It only happened that once so far, it just alarmed me. I'll prob just monitor it for now. 
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