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Tuesday Ticker Change 09.27.16

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How many weeks? 

What size is baby?

Upcoming appointments?



GTKY: Now that we are all pretty much in the home stretch, are the nerves starting to kick in? (Stolen from Monday)
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Re: Tuesday Ticker Change 09.27.16

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  • How many weeks? 34

    What size is baby? acorn squash but he is measuring larger then the bump measurements and he def feels huge

    Upcoming appointments? Oct 3rd- my regular OB and MFM for NST and ultrasound

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I have some questions about my MRI results- just relating to surgery and having a very thinned out uterus where my c section scar is- don't know if that makes me a higher risk to have to have my uterus removed during my c section.

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? I am eating out of boredom but I am not hungry for anything. Regular stuff- uncomfortable, not sleeping, just ready to be over. I don't know how I birthed an 8lb baby before...this pregnancy has just been brutal.

    GTKY: Now that we are all pretty much in the home stretch, are the nerves starting to kick in? (Stolen from Monday)

    I think I have the advantage of being a STM and I'm pretty open to things that I know I should have done differently the first time around and I know how to be a better advocate for myself and this baby. But I am scared of my first baby feeling sad, I am scared of my surgery, I am scared because all babies are different and I am scared that everything I learned with DS1 will go right out the window!

  • @scostel2 have you talked to your OB about the possibility of the NICU? According to the NICU team at my hospital (a Boston Hospital), they will do a 24 watch on a baby born at 35 weeks even if things are good. But after 35 weeks you don't necessary need a NICU stay and a lot of babies get to go home with mom.

    You're 37 weeks now, so your babe should be in good shape...so even if you don't stay pregnant full term, you're still almost there!

    I get it though, I am delivering at 37 weeks and while I am so sick of being pregnant the thought of a NICU stay scares me as well.

  • How many weeks? 
    39! Full term!!!

    What size is baby?

    Upcoming appointments?
    Just had one today.  She confirmed that baby is definitely dropped and head down. I'm 1.5cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed since last time I was checked (36+4) I was 1 cm and 40%.  I know it doesn't mean anything but I was hoping to have made more progress already!

    I feel like I'm ready for baby to get here, and it's so hard knowing that he could get here tomorrow or it could be another two weeks.  Really hoping he comes on his due date somehow because that would be perfect!

    Sore hips, legs, and lower back.  Waking up at like 4 or 5am and not able to fall back asleep.  Still having a major sweet tooth!

    GTKY: Now that we are all pretty much in the home stretch, are the nerves starting to kick in? (Stolen from Monday)
    I was nervous on Saturday when I was having more BH than usual because I had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do on Sunday, I wasn't ready for him to come yet!  Now everything's ready and I'm just being a neat freak until he comes
    Me (28) & DH (29)
    Married: May 2015
    BFP 1/24/16 EDD 10/4/16
    It's a boy!

  • How many weeks?  39w1d

    What size is baby?  a pumpkin...how fitting for Fall?!

    Upcoming appointments?  Nope, just my RCS tomorrow!

    Rants/Raves/Questions?  Apparently it's been SUPER busy at my hospital lately so I'm just hoping my surgery tomorrow doesn't get bumped.  I'm first on the list, but if an emergency C-section needs to happen, obviously they will take precedence.  I'm supposed to call tonight to find out what time to go in tomorrow morning.  However, I have a feeling it will be a wait-and-see game.  Just hoping we don't go to the hospital at 6am and end up waiting all day!!

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions?  Not sleeping at all!!!  And I KNOW I won't sleep tonight knowing that baby will be here tomorrow...  Still have this nagging cough and runny nose.  I was hoping to be over this crap before baby got here :(

    GTKY: Now that we are all pretty much in the home stretch, are the nerves starting to kick in? (Stolen from Monday)   YES!  Mine are pretty much almost the same as @serenaxo84...worried that I don't remember all the "baby" stuff, nervous about my C-section & tubal, worried I'm going to totally suffer from mom guilt and not spend enough time separately with my kids.  But at the same time, I am sooooo over this pregnancy that it trumps the nerves.  Plus, I know how excited we all are to meet this baby - will be totally worth it!!

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  • @lilbabybrown are you nervous you're going to be sad about your tubal? I am also planning on getting my tubes tied (if they have time and there aren't any serious complications with my surgery). We chose to do it because we are happy with two healthy kids- this baby does complete our family and the chances of me having placenta prévia again are just too high and not worth the risk to me or an unborn baby. But I am a little sad about it. This pregnancy has always been planned as my last but I really didn't get to enjoy it- at all. 

    But i do feel a little better about making the choice myself. I think I might end up being sadder if they end up having to do a hysterectomy during my c section. 
  • I'm getting my tubes tied this c section. I'll have 3 kids, 3 c sections and I just feel done. I didn't feel done when I was pregnant with my second but I for sure feel done this time so that is reassuring. Also regardless I would have to get a new vehicle if we had 4 kids and we just can't afford that. The cost of having 3 kids will be enough and I would like to be able to help financially with weddings and college if they need it. 
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