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Hi Everyone,
So I've been exclusively pumping for my little man since after a few lactation consultant visits and a month and a half of trying we stopped trying to BF. We originally had to supplement with formula (my supply was down, but now is ok) and he was extremely gassy, so we switched to dr brown bottles and I quit drinking milk and it got better. I started to gather formula of a few different brands from free samples and buying some cheap on varagesale. We slowly started to transition him over to formula, starting with one bottle of formula and the rest breastmilk and we've slowly increased the amount of formula to breastmilk. We currently do 4-5 breastmilk bottles and then 3 formula bottles. (I freeze extra right now so I can hopefully quit pumping in a month or so) He doesn't seem to mind eating any of the various formulas, but the gas has become a problem again, which I stupidly thought was solved earlier. We're doing Similac Sensitive now, which seems to be going better, but he's only been on it for 4 days. I also thought his digestive system was supposed to be more mature at 3 months and he's almost 4 months. So now I have a large stash of formula that most of it it's looking like I can't use.
Do you think his digestive system will get better and I can possibly use it in a couple of months? Or could I try to use up what I have doing like 1 scoop a day? Or should I just try to trade & sell what I can't use?

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Re: Formula

  • Hi fellow EPer!

    So the deal with formula is that it's much harder on LO's digestive system than breast milk. As a result, it's not surprising that LOs have a harder time with it. My understanding is that those issues begin to resolve themselves once LOs become mobile, as the activity jump starts their digestive system and keeps moving things along.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Sienna516, if you're still using the Similac Sensitive and would like more, email me at [email protected] bc I have a few of the Ready to Feed to get rid of because my Baby couldn't take them.
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  • I pump/bf and supplement with the similac sensitive too. I also use the BRU and Walmart generics of the similac and she didnt have any issue if you want to save a couple bucks!!
  • My son got really bad gas when we first started to supplement with formula too. Doing 2/3 BM 1/3 formula for feedings, we used Enfamil Gentlease and Dr. Brown bottles, but that only seemed to help a little bit. Gas drops and bicycle kicks were his only relief. Eventually, his tummy got used to the lactose and the gas eased, and now we can use multiple brands of formula without any problems. I would suggest trying soy since you mentioned your baby doing better on your BM after you stopped drinking milk. 
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