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Bleeding during the first trimester

Hi everyone.  This is my second pregnancy.  With my first I had bleeding at 5w1d and everything turned out alright.  I thought I would be able to cope with seeing some blood this time around but like clockwork, at 5w3d I am bleeding again and terrified.  I'm not having crazy cramping but I'm having a bit (or I'm just way over analyzing) and definitely more bleeding than my first time.  I'm out of town and won't be able to get to a Dr until Tuesday.  Although I've been through this with a happy ending I'd love to hear some positive outcomes from you guys if you don't mind sharing. Also please send thoughts and prayers...
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Re: Bleeding during the first trimester

  • Praying for you ❤
  • Stay positive and see a doctor if you can. Sometimes the not knowing is the worst part.

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  • sending T&P your way. I bled pretty consistently through my first trimester with my DS, right up until about week 15. bright red, always a fair amount when it happened. But he turned out okay. I just had a low lying placenta and an abruption. Bedrest was all I needed. Try to take easy while you're away as much as you can.

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  • I've had spotting on and off this entire pregnancy...I'm almost 12 weeks and so far everything is alright. I had NO spotting with my first pregnancy so it always freaks me out quite a bit. Hope the dr can put your mind at ease!

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  • Thanks for the thoughts ladies but my HCG levels have confirmed the worst and I'm going to an ultrasound tomorrow for further confirmation.  I am heartbroken to let go of the dreams I had for this baby but am thankful I got to love it for the short time I did.  Thankfully my 10 month old is keeping me distracted and seems to have sensed something as he is extra cuddly and knows just when to come in for a hug or kiss.  I'm directing all this extra love his way for now.  
    Baby N-Born:10/29/15
    Our Angel: EDD: 05/11/17. MC at 6 weeks
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  • @MrsN092714 I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Please take care of yourself.
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  • I had bleeding and it turned out my egg had implanted in my muscle fibers and began growing.  I went to the emergency room even though I was only spotting.  The doctor said that it was a good thing that I had come in because these types of implantations can lead to the sac bursting and causing the mother to bleed to death.  I had to get 4 shots of methotrexate every other day to terminate the pregnancy.  Go in and get checked if you see blood because it may not be a good sign.  The ER said they have pregnant women come in all the time because of spotting and most of the time it is nothing but better be safe than sorry.  Stress is terrible for a healthy pregnancy so give yourself piece of mind. 

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