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Chewing on crib rail

Yep. This is happening with my DD2. I saw there is a cover at Babies R Us that I am planning to buy. Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Chewing on crib rail

  • Yep! She hasn't been doing it much now that all 8 of her front teeth have come in. When she was teething bad she would chew a lot. 
  • Unfortunately, it happened to us. Our crib looks HORRIBLE, like a hamster got at it.  I bought covers from Target that cover the tops of the crib, they work well, but the corners are still exposed, so he still bites there sometimes. He also started gnawing on the spindles down low, so I had to add bumpers down there too to help block him.  

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  • Us too!!! I kind of think it's funny. The way the railing is set, you can't see it unless you are standing directly over it. I joked that when she's done with her crib, I was going to take that piece and give it to her for her 18th birthday. Little beaver!!! I had no idea covers existed for it..may have to look into it!
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    My LO got teeth SUPER early and started doing this at about the time he could pull himself up to stand in the crib. I found these at babies R us on clearance and they have been awesome! I put a towel under them so they don't ruin the wood.  I got dark brown to cover all the rails and you can barely tell :)

    I saw another post somewhere were they actually converted the crib bumpers into rail covers but I am not that crafty so buying was really my only option :)

  • I just bought a couple yards of fabric at the store and knoted it on to her crib. Pinterest help me pick how I wanted to put it on. 
  • I just gave up and do nothing. I figure it will be fine for my next baby/babies and then say hey it had a good run and toss it. It was expensive but I figure in the next year he will smash his toy trucks over it as well.
  • @snowflake2214 DS2 isn't a big chewer but DS1 was.  I made some covers to match his room that worked really well.  You make them out of fleece like those tie-blankets and double/triple knot them.  Those suckers weren't going anywhere, we had to cut them off when we moved. 
  • @ElleMF728 i did this too. Its so easy and cheap. On a side note...the quote on your showing dh.  I wanted a hp theme or atleast hogwarts in general. He looked at me like i was mental 
  • akdewald said:
    @ElleMF728 i did this too. Its so easy and cheap. On a side note...the quote on your showing dh.  I wanted a hp theme or atleast hogwarts in general. He looked at me like i was mental 
    I said "In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own" or something like that.  All my kids rooms are book themes and we've done quotes in each of them :) I'm a huge HP fan! 
  • Yup! Unfortunately we waited too long to get the crib rail cover so his crib is already marked up with tooth marks, but once we put it on, problem solved! He still chews it, but the crib rail cover is so padded he's just chewing the cover and not the wood! This one has worked great for us:

    We don't hang toys on the loops though since we want him laying down and sleeping!
  • I need this! I catch him munching on all sorts of wooden things! Window seels, kitchen chairs, and his crib! My DH calls him a little beaver. Haha 
  • Ordered on Amazon 
  • DD likes to celebrate waking up by running over to her crib rail and knawing on it. We have silicone furniture corner covers and I had to super glue them down because they are one of her favorite things to chew on. Sticky tape is no match for dedicated baby chompers
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