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May cancel shower due to Zika, what about registry?

Hi ladies. I have an issue I would love some advice on. My family and friends have planned a shower for me to take place in October in Boca Raton. Boca is about 45 miles north of Wynwood, Miami, where the Zika outbreak is. Husband and I live in NYC but were both raised in Florida, where all of our loved ones still live, which was why this location was chosen. 

I am seriously considering canceling it. My doctor and I have agreed to discuss at my next appointment, which is in three weeks. I just can't imagine that circumstances will have changed enough down there in the next 7 weeks to make me feel comfortable going, but for now we are all taking a wait and see approach. I believe my hosts still intend to send invites out, and if they need to call guests to cancel, that's what they plan to do.

Meanwhile, I already set up a registry back when shower planning began, and some people have already purchased us things from it. Should I leave the registry up? If people get the invites, they might buy a gift, and then if it gets canceled I will feel bad. What would you all do? TIA!

Re: May cancel shower due to Zika, what about registry?

  • I'd leave the registry up. The main purpose of a registry is for you to know you have everything you need. Guests buying things from it is an added bonus. And I'm sure some people will want to buy gifts anyway.
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  • Id talk to your dr and see what they say. with Zika it is good to use caution but I would trust my dr more than a bunch of Internet strangers. If your dr thinks you would be okay go if not cancel or reschedule for after the baby is born 

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  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I intend to take my doctor's advice on canceling it. My main concern right now is if I should have a registry up where people might conceivably buy gifts for a shower that will possibly be canceled. Not sure if it is inconsiderate?
  • I would keep up the registry.  If people purchase off the registry and later want to return items because the shower is cancelled, that is up to them.
  • What about doing a shower after the LO is  born? My understanding is Zika is most dangerous to unborn babies (I may be wrong there).
  • Leave the registry up. Most people that would attend your shower will still want to buy you a gift, even if it's canceled. Also, it might not be canceled.
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  • Didn't they just lift the Zika warning this week? I'd say if that's the case, go party!!

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