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FET failed.....but I got pregnant anyway!

Apparently, I fit in here.

Had a failed FET in July, but took a random HPT yesterday and it was POSITIVE.  Had HCG drawn at my fertility clinic this am, and my level was 119,644.  Having an US tomorrow to confirm things/dates and maybe convince us that this is actually real.

Totally shocked.  The beta after our FET on 7/23 was zero, so there is no chance that embryo sat around and implanted weeks later.  I had also taken a HPT on 8/11 prior to a trip out of town where I was planning to drink, and it was negative, too.  Had only minor spotting after my negative beta for two days, and no period at all since then. Have had minor cramping/discomfort for the past 3 weeks or so, which I thought was my period getting ready to start (except it has been WEEKS of this).

Still wrapping my mind around things, but all signs point to me being right around 8 weeks pregnant.
Me: Age 40  Husband: Age 41
Chemo killed my ovaries (along with a BRCA1 mutation, which causes DOR)
4/30/13 ER just prior to chemo: 8 embryos frozen at 2pn. 2 survived to blasts/1 PGS normal

4/16 ER cancelled on CD7: 1 follicle on L/ 0 follicles on R
FET #1  7/13/16  BFN

Super shocker +HPT 9/19
Baby Alyce arrived 5/8/17

Went forward with donor eggs from my sister for baby #2
ER 4/24, 5 eggs fertilized/1 survived to blast and was chromosomally normal.

FET 2/15 (my sister/donor's birthday!).  Beta 10dp5dt:172; beta 12dp5dt: 425

My TTC/Cancer/Random thoughts blog:  http://www.dinktodiapers.blogspot.com/

Re: FET failed.....but I got pregnant anyway!

  • Congratulations @pnw12rn! What a wonderfull suprise that is!
    Welcome to this happy board, best board of the bump to be on.
    Wishing you a happy and healty nine months!


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  • @pnw12rn congrats! It's amazing how things work out. Welcome to the board!
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  • Yay!!! How amazing! Congratulations @PNW12RN
  • Wow, what an amazing surprise. Congratulations to you and wishing you a healthy pregnancy! 
    ***History & TW in Spoiler***

    ***bfp & child warning***
    TTC - since 2014
    7 rounds of Clomid - BFN
    IUI #1 - October 2015 - BFN
    IUI #2 - November 2015 - BFN
    IUI #3 - December 2015 - BFN
    IVF #1 - March 2016
    Retrieval #1 - April 2016
    FET #1 - May 2016 - BFP!!! DS - Born January 2017
    Trying for baby #2...
    FET #2 - January 2018 - BFN  
    IVF/Retrieval #2 - January 2019
    IVF/Retrieval #3 - March 2019
    FET #3 - April 2019 - BFP!!! - EDD: January 2020

  • This is amazing! Good luck, I hope you ultrasound goes well!!
    Married May 2009, TTC since November 2012 (Together since 2006 ish - had my eyes on him since 2001)
    Me: 32 (33 in May), Him: 37 (January)

    DX: Me: High Prolactin, Possible Autoimmune Disease Issues, though RE not concerned (?)  New RE has a plan!!
           Him: Minor Varicocele, low morphology, slightly low count


    Beta 5/9/2016 BFP!!
    Embryo transfer scheduled for April 28, 2016 and beta test May 9, 2016 (day after Mother's Day!)
    Transfer Meds include: Lupron Depot (4/1), Minivelle Patch (every 3rd day), Estradiol (3x daily), Amoxicillin, Progesterone in Oil, Methylprednisonlone. Lovenox and baby asprin added after transfer. 

    3/22/16 - Sono Saline ultrasound cyst to be aspirated on 4/1/16 if not cleared up by 3/29 US - It cleared on its own
    Retrieval 3/4/16 - 26 eggs retrieved, 23 mature, 20 fertilized, 14 embryos currently frozen
    Starting IVF Stims on +/- Feb 22, 2016
    HSG scheduled for 1-26-16 - All clear "beautiful uterus" (though inverted)

    Switched clinics and now prepping for IVF in February / March

    Fourth IUI -  CD3-7 100 Clomid w/ Ovidrel Trigger - December, 2015 - BFN
    Third IUI -  CD3-7 100 Clomid w/ Ovidrel Trigger - November, 2015 - BFN
    Second IUI - CD3-7 100 Clomid w/ Ovidrel Trigger - September, 2015 - BFN
    Started Prolactin Medication October 15 - Levels quickly regulated to with in normal range
    First IUI - CD3-7 100 Clomid w/ Ovidrel Trigger - August, 2015 - BFN
    After no BFPs (ever) First RE/Urologist visit in Feb 2015
    HSG w/ OB, 2014 = all clear
    Trying to conceive since November 2012
  • Congratulations @PNW12RN . What a great story! I saw you posting on the IF board and I think your story fits there too. You gave lots of ladies something to smile about and a little bit of hope that miracles do happen. 
    Me: 38, DH: 40 living in Asia
    TTC since March 2015 with known PCOS and MIF
    IVF in 2015. FET nr 3 in 2016 - BFP. Healthy baby girl born in April 2017.
    Trying for nr 2

  • That's so crazy!  Congrats to you!

    **Warning - Child Mentioned**

    Me: 33, DH: 39   Unexplained Infertility

    4 IUIs (chlomid) in 2013 which resulted in DS born in April 2014

    TTC #2 since August 2015

    5 rounds of IUIs (1 chlomid: resistent, 1 femara, 3 gonal f) = all BFN

    ER March 9: 26 eggs retrieved, 19 mature and 17 fertilized, 8 made it to genetic testing, 4 normal!

    FET #1 5/31 = BFN

    FET#2 7/26 = BFP!

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  • What a miracle! So glad you can join us on here.
    DX PCOS + mild male factor
    TTC since Dec. 2015
    Current Treatment: Metformin, Provera, Letrozole, Trigger, IUI
    Past Treatment: Clomid + Metformin x 3 BFN
    Letrozole 5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI = BFP!
    Beta confirmed 8/22
    EDD 5/1/17
  • @PNW12RN Congratulations! Hope you had a great appointment today.

    **** Trigger warning ****

    IVF/FET with PGS
    EDD March 28, 2017
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  • Congrats on your little miracle babe!! @pnw12rn That is so amazing! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

    Me: 28, DH: 30 Married July 2014  DX: Severe MFI- 3 failed IUI's, IVF #1 Egg retrieval June 4th 2016, 5 day transfer- BFP Baby Boy! EDD 2/25/2017. Our sweet miracle Carter Bennett arrived 2/12/2017 6 lbs, 2 oz 19 inches. <3 Surprise BFP!!! Baby Girl due 10/1/2018.

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