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Not talking?

My daughter has alot to say.. I just don't know what she is saying. The only thing she has down is throwing her hands in the air and saying all done. Haha Is that weird that she doesn't even say mama or dada in context? I mean she says it but she's pointing to a ball or wall. So I don't think she has connected the two. 

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  • Lol not weird at all. We babble everything over here but rarely say proper words. Just knows her dolls name hahaha
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    More than likely she IS "talking", it just doesn't sound like the actual word when it comes out. Pay close attention to context and see if you can begin to notice patterns in her "words". For example, I had no idea my daughter knew how to say "book" until I realized she was saying "booh" each time she's point at a book!

    does your LO seem to understand what you're say? I bet our LOs have a lot more words then we realize!
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    Babies should have at least 1 word by 12 months but it can be really hard to understand them at this age. My MIL is a speech therapist and will point out words that LO is saying that I would never pick up on. My first barely had one word at 12 months (I would have to ask her what my name was and she would say "mama") and her speech has developed normally. At three years she talks nonstop. It's a great sign that your LO is signing! Babies should have at least 6 words by 18 months so it should start to become more clear in the next couple of months.

    eta: Receptive language may be easier to evaluate at this age. Does your LO respond when you call her name? Does she look at objects when you talk about them? All of those are wonderful signs of language development. Pointing at things she wants is also a good sign of communication.
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  • My LO isn't saying anything either. She says mama and dada and but she definitely isn't using them correctly. She does some sign language and responds to milk, hungry, and come here so I'm not worried or anything.
  • We think LO said cat and we know he babbles to the cats all the time. The doctor heard him babbling and said we shouldn't worry. He said 50% of babies had understandable words at this age 50% don't. Just like walking. He babbles to his teddy bear and his lovey. He is constantly "talking" and I love hearing him. I'll worry in a few months. I didn't start talking until I was 22 months old. I had no speech problems. 
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  • Most children don't say their first word until around 12 months, but 10-18 months is normal range. As long as she is babbling and imitating sounds and words, you don't need to worry. Plus throwing up her hands and saying all done is super cute! My daughter doesn't say mama in context (mama pretty much means a whole range of things lol) but she finally realized dada means her dad. So she goes to each room every day looking for dada when he's at work. 
  • we have mama dada ball pronounce bawhhhh nana and ut ohhh
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