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lazy baby

Anyone else have a lazy baby? My lo can roll but refuses to unless n the bed trying to get to me to nurse.on the bed he'll climb all over my husband and I but on the floor he'd rather fuss or just sit.has a enormous personality but won't attemp to crawl but wants to hold our hands to walk everywhere 

Re: lazy baby

  • My niece was like this (and has a huge, hilarious personality) and crawled later (almost 9 or 10 months. I can't remember which). The advantage was that she was really strong when she started and rarely bumped her head or tipped over. They tried everything at home and at daycare to entice her and nothing made a difference--she went from sitting happily to full out crawling in about 1.5 days. DD, on the other hand, is constantly bumping her head because she launches herself forward without planning or fusses because she's moving backwards. I'm guessing your little guy is just fine and will either figure it out on his own timeline or go to straight walking!
  • Mine has only rolled like 5x max by himself. Ever. And only from his tummy to his back. However I put him down, that's how he is when I pick him back up again. Talk about lazy! I'm pretty sure I could leave him on the changing table for several minutes and he would be in the exact same position when I came back. I don't do that. But I'm pretty sure I could...

    We have tried soooo many things to tempt him to roll and/or move. If it's out of his reach, he just dismisses it. He is happiest sitting or laying down and just looking around. The pediatrician isn't worried, by the way. She said not to worry about it until he's around 9 months, if he's still not moving around at all.

    Lazy little man. <3
  • My other 2kids were 6months and 9months when they started crawling. Aiden who's started at 9months was just to fat to crawl  but he tried atleast.if I put my lo up on hands and knees he stays that,way for a good 2-3 minutes so I know he's strong enough he's constantly reaching grabbing and throwing stuff he just won't TRY to crawl at all.he'd rather tthrow a fit if i walk out room then try to follow 
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