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Hey Hey Hey! (Intro)

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Hi Ladies! I'm not new to TB boards (TTTC & M14 HOLLA!), but it's been QUITE a while, so I'm sure no one here knows me...so here's a little intro before my question. 

I'm 29, my DH is 30. I have one freaking adorable 2.5 year old girl, L, that took us almost 2 years to conceive. We also have one black lab...but she was easier to get...bahahaha! I am SO excited that it's officially FALL because humid hot hot heat is gross...and crisp mornings with my Basic B** coffee are my FAV. 

We're back at it trying for our second and this go round is proving more involved than the first. When I got KU with L, I was put on progesterone suppositories, which gave me a normal cycle the following month...we conceived...and was kept on progesterone for 8 weeks to keep me KU since I have historically low P.

This time, we actually are doing a medicated IUI because it looks like I'm not ovulating at all or very rarely. This part of it is so new to me since we didn't have to have the IUI last time. I took Femara 2.5 on days 3-7...went in for my follow up US and had one measuring 11, and one measuring 10. Went in for another US, and one was measuring at 10.5 and the other at 12. My RE put me on Femara 5 mg for 5 days...then I went back. YALL. There was like, no change. I wend back for ANOTHER US, and still hardly any change....I have one at 13, and one at 11. 

SO...here's my question (if you've read until now I know you're saying get on with this...have a cookie...you deserve it) -- Have any of you responded SO EFFING SLOWLY and made it to maturity? Did they put you on anything else in that same cycle or was it a wash? 

Thanks in advance...and nice to meet you! It's super weird/exciting being back. xoxoxox


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