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Milk Transition Issues

So yesterday our son had his one year wellness check-up.  Everything looked great.  He has been on a special formula (Similac Alimentum) since he was little due to a reflux issue.  Our doctor had us keep him on that formula all year, at around 6 months we started mixing one scoop of Similac Sensitive to each batch of formula we made.  This way he had a little exposure to milk proteins.

Since he started really eating solids, he has had either yogurt or cheese at some point every day.  He has had no issues with either of these.  Our doctor was very happy to hear that he did not have any issues with that dairy.

Well, yesterday the doctor told us it's time to start the transition to whole milk.  He recommended that we do a slow transition, increasing the amounts of milk every few days until he is solely on milk.  Our son currently is drinking 4 bottles of formula a day, each at 7 oz.  The doctor told us to take out one ounce of formula for each bottle, and replace it with 1 ounce of whole milk.  Do that amount for a few days, then take out another ounce of formula, adding more milk, and so on until we are just giving milk.

So this morning we started, his morning bottle had 6 ounces of formula, and 1 ounce of whole milk.  He drank it fine, leaving about an ounce behind.  He played, ate breakfast, and then took a nap (shorter than normal, 45 min).  When he woke from his nap, I gave him his next bottle...same ratio of formula/milk.  He drank it, and about an hour later we were out in the car driving to run errands and he started throwing up all over himself.  I turned the car around and drove home, you could see he wasn't feeling well and fell asleep for the 20 minutes or so it took to get home.  He wasn't showing any symptoms of being sick before this.  He had vaccines yesterday (4 total), including his flu shot.  

Those of you that have started the transition and are using whole milk.  Did your LO have any reactions at first?  

I have an email in to the doctor to see what he suspects.  

Re: Milk Transition Issues

  • Sorry to hear your little guy isn't feeling well. I am having trouble transitioning my daughter from Alimentum to whole milk aswell. I have tried mixing milk into her formula but the milk constipates her so much. My doctor said just keep trying until her tummy agrees with it.....
  • You may also want to try Lactose Free Whole Milk...
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  • We went cold turkey with the switch and moved to full bottles of cow's milk (he had been on mostly breastmilk supplemented with a few bottles of formula a day). He didn't have any issues, but he also has never struggled with reflux and has had quite a bit of other dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc.). 

    I would maybe wait a few days to try again until any side effects from the vaccines are out of his system, so then you'll know if it's an actual issue with the milk. Not sure if vomiting can be a side effect of vaccines, but maybe that combined with the milk overwhelmed his system. Just speculation, but worth ruling that out by waiting a few days to try again.

    Hope you figure something out!
  • We are currently switching from Nutramigen to milk, we haven't had a problem. Since he has had dairy I am wondering if the problem is due to his shots. I would think that if he was fine with the first bottle you gave that perhaps it's something else. Little Man threw up last week and I think it was due to all the saliva he has been swallowing as he is starting to get molars. I'd give him another bottle and see how he does if he has a problem call the doctor. 
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  • We see a lot more throwing up here when she is actively teething too. She also tends to have minor reactions to her vaccines, so I always give her a week or so after vaccinations before I make any changes. 

    We are very slowly transitioning to whole milk from regular formula and so far haven't had a problem, other than the fact she just plain doesn't want sippy cups. DD was on Nutramegin until she was 6 months, then Gentle Ease till 9 months, and Reg formula until 12 months. It takes us a month to transition to the new stuff. I start with one ounce per day and double that every 4 or 5 days until we are completely transitioned. I did start using Toddler Transition Enfamil which is up until 18 months, and am making this transition even slower because I don't want her to get constipated
  • I have given my son whole milk and he hasn't seemed to have any major issues with it so far but he has only drank an ounce or two at a time. I regards to the reaction it could be a bit much to start milk right after vaccines. 

    Lactose free milk might not address the issue because it is the milk proteins (not the lactose) that are hard to digest. Trying goats milk may work because the proteins are easier to digest but it is crazy expensive. I've seen a lot of people do almond milk instead. So maybe look into that as an option. I would wait a week and try again to see if it was really the milk and go from there. 

    Good luck :)
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