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What to do with breast pump now?

im done pumping and we are not having more children - what can I do with my pump? Are their places that take it? Would a women's shelter accept it? It's just the regular double medela pump most get with their insurance but it works amazing and was a couple hundred dollars - it makes me sick to think it would end up in a landfill. I know that they are not supposed to be "shared" - milk particles can get into it - so it looks like online no one would want a donated used one. Anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: What to do with breast pump now?

  • Medela takes them back and donates them or you can contact your local la leche league and they can give it to someone that way :) 
  • There are instructions online to completely sanitize them (shows you how to completely open up the motor, though it voids the warranty). I would list it for sale with the instructions. I see them for sale locally used for $75-150 depending on what is included.

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  • I went to a local consignment sale and saw several there. 
  • Thanks for asking I was wondering this myself. 
  • There are lots of breastfeeding support groups on FB - many of them specific to local areas. I would post and see if someone would want it - especially if free - I see a lot of women struggling to find one and even stopping nursing because they can't afford one (some are without insurance). 
  • Alot of people wont pay for the medela ones (unless they have the fancy bag or something) because you get a free one every pregnancy via insurance but I am part of an EP trading post and see them post them for sale or trade or free there. I wouldn't send back to medela as I feel they may somehow make a profit from some other mother needing it.
  • I think a shelter would be the best. A lot of women are fleeing bad situations and possibly would have to leave this behind. I would call and find out. A pregnancy help center would be another good spot but I think with most people getting it from insurance companies that the shelter would be where it is most needed. If you go that route I don't think they would take the tubing and stuff for sanitary reasons. If you are feeling really generous you could purchase new tubing and cups :-) 

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  • Thank you guys for all these great suggestions!!!! I appreciate it so much. I'm going to make a few phone calls and update this board once I find the best solution.
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