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Appointments week of 9/19

Who's touching you inappropriately this week?

Re: Appointments week of 9/19

  • I have an appointment with my OB Friday which is good because I have some concerns and this is the first week for the in home health nurse coming to do my progesterone shots.

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  • Regular check up tomorrow, this will be the first appointment I have to bring my DD along to so I hope we are in and out without any time for her to get bored and start acting out. 
    I tried to get my A/S for this week since I had it done at 19+2 with my first pregnancy, but the place I have to go to refuses to do them a day before 20 weeks so it'll be next week. Boo. 
  • Anatomy Scan on Thursday! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited to see our little baby boy again! And this weekend we're traveling to my cousins wedding so I'm excited to have tons of new pictures to share with everyone! Positive hopes, wishes, and prayers for everyone this week that we all get good news about our baby's well-being! 
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  • Wow, lots of anatomy scans this week! Best wishes for healthy little ones and all good news.
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  • Out of curiosity.  I feel like my anatomy scan is early.  I did a little googling and it says between 18-22 weeks and I will be 17+5.  Should I call the doc or just trust they are mathing correctly?
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  • I have my regular 4 week check-up tomorrow (19 weeks) and then we are scheduling the AS for next week!  
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    I have my monthly checkup with the midwife today - just the routine stuff (checking where my uterus is, the heartbeat, etc.). I am doing Centering Pregnancy, though, so it's a two-hour appointment with the midwife, a midwife assistant, and a few other women due around the same time as me. This is the second meeting, and last time there were only two other moms, so we got a lot of one-on-one attention. Though I hope it's a bigger group this time - it would be nice to meet more new moms going through the same phase as me!

    For some reason, last night I started getting anxious about the appointment... I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and I haven't gained any weight yet (though I was overweight by 15-20lbs to begin with). But my belly is definitely growing, so I am trying to shut off the stupid anxiety.

    Anatomy scan is next Wednesday - hopefully the little one will be cooperative and we'll find out whether it's a boy (like I think it is) or a girl!

    ETA: @FishyMom it wouldn't hurt to call the doc to double-check that it was intentional... I would think you'll be fine, but I do have a coworker whose wife was accidentally scheduled for her scan too early, and they didn't find out until they went in for it. They ended up having to go back two weeks later. Granted, theirs was accidentally scheduled for 16 weeks, not almost 18 like you, but still worth checking.
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  • I have my monthly checkup tomorrow. I'm doing the Centering Pregnancy program like @madamerwin and I love it! Can't wait to hear the heartbeat again and see how I and all the other February moms in my class are progressing!

    Yay for all the ladies that have their anatomy scan this week! I have mine on October 5th and the wait seems soo long!!

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  • So many anatomy scans!! Can't wait to hear the gender announcements for those of you finding out and live vicariously through you while I wait for mine!  @FishyMom my last baby and this one were both schedules for middle of my 19th week.  You're supposed to wait for the 18-21 window so they are developed enough to check on different vital growth areas, and early enough that they aren't so big it's hard to get all the parts in one picture.  As PPs have said: I'd assume being a few days before the cut off wouldn't be too detrimental to the scan, but calling to see can't hurt! ((I personally would request to wait another week--just incase some things aren't developed as much as they should be for ideal measurements and pictures-I wouldn't want to have to go back again. Mostly because I can already see all my medical bills piling up)) 
  • So many a/s this week. Good luck ladies! I have a checkup with my OB on Thursday to discuss my BP issues and the meds I'm taking for it. Should be loads of fun. 
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  • Anatomy scan and OB appt on Thursday!
  • Monthly appt was last Friday, going in for anatomy scan this week! Very excited but a little nervous. I'm sure everything will be fine though.
  • Regular OB apt tomorrow morning. Super nervous and hoping to hear the heartbeat  to calm my nerves!

  • Regular ob appt on Wednesday. My a/s isn't until 10/6  :'( my Drs said 18-21 weeks but this ultrasound place won't do it until at least 20. I'll be 20w4d when I have mine. I know realistically the days will probably fly by till then though. I honestly can't even believe I'm already over 18 weeks. The first tri trenches were crappy but once you get out of them it seems like time passed faster than you thought. 
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  • I'm the only one inappropriately touching E this week  ;). Yesterday we saw the midwife for our monthly heartbeat, weigh-in, & Q&A session. Next ultrasound on October 3!
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  • @kswiger06 my A/S and due date buddy! Hoping your appointments went well today!! :smile:
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  • @afkash yes!! at one point I started giggling and shaking my belly all over. I felt a kick and saw it happen on the screen and for some reason it gave me a giggle fit.
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  • 2nd Anatomy Scan on Thursday, chiropractor adjustment on Friday and (late) 20 week follow-up with OB next Monday.

  • Just got back from the A/S. The doctor said that the ultrasound tech didn't get to see and measure everything they normally like to see because my amniotic fluid levels were a little low, so baby didn't have a ton of room to move around in. She's making me an appointment with a high risk ultrasound specialist so they can get more measurements. She didn't specifically state what my levels were or that they are like terribly low I should be concerned or anything, just that baby isn't flailing around and spread-eagling (his legs were crossed under his butt actually). Has anyone had this? I've googled and women had very severe situations like going on bedrest, having their babies between 23-33 weeks, being hospitalized so lungs could form, asked if they want to terminate (will not even be a consideration for us) etc. Please send good baby loving and fluid building vibes our way! I'm chugging as much water as I can fathom now.

    (cross posted here and in A/S concerns)
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  • @TeacherMom2517 Praying for you and LO! Definitely keep us posted when you have your follow up appointment.
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