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Regular or organic

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I'm curious who is buying organic milk, fruit, veggies or anything for LO. I'll take the poll, also! 
Eta: the 'ing' in buying lol 

Regular or organic 70 votes

52% 37 votes
47% 33 votes

Re: Regular or organic

  • We farm fruits and vegetables. Not an organic farm. But so fresh and good!
  • I will admit if my husband is with me and sees how much extra the organic is, I will grab a mix of regular and organic lol 
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  • We have an organic farm right behind our house! I try to get eggs and seasonal produce from there. Their meats are a little to pricy so I get organic meats from publix. 
  • I put organic, but we use a mix. Organic dairy, fruits/veg if on the dirty dozen list, and any veg or meat we raise/grow ourselves. This year we had a veggie garden, strawberry patch, chickens, turkeys and a pig. 
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  • I put organic, but we use a mix. Organic dairy, fruits/veg if on the dirty dozen list, and any veg or meat we raise/grow ourselves. This year we had a veggie garden, strawberry patch, chickens, turkeys and a pig. 
    That sounds awesome! How fun for your kids! 
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    I prefer organic but I can only buy when it's on sale 
  • We do a mix. I buy organic milk because it lasts much longer than non organic so it's cheaper in the long run and organic eggs because I can get ones from free range chickens (cage free doesn't mean what everybody thinks it does). I also try to buy organic when it's on the dirty dozen list. 
  • Some items we buy regular others we buy organic. We go to our farmers market every week for veggies and in season fruit. Great organic stuff for great prices and what I can't get there I buy at the grocery store. 
  • We buy organic. But we were doing that way before baby. We're grateful that we can afford it without having to really think about it. And our food has to be pretty much all homemade because we're strict about what we eat and unfortunately there's no local places that would meet the criteria (we have to do hour+ driving if we want to eat out). I do miss eating out though. And really wish there was some sort of option for days where I didn't feel like cooking lol.
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  • I get a mix depending on what's available. Organic eggs is our main constant. We don't drink cows milk but I might get it for LO and will have to look into it.
  • I buy all organic fruits and veggies for LO. I also (usually) buy organic eggs and always buy organic,grass-fed milk too. Pesticides on produce and hormones in dairy is a real concern to me.
  • I voted regular but we sometimes use both.  We really don't see the need for organic though I understand why some people do.  DH is a chemical engineer so most "chemicals" that seem odd or foreign really just aren't concerning to us.  I'm also an annoyingly huge cynic and after reading a lot about the regulatory and testing practices regarding organic farming I'm skeptical about how many organic fruits and veggies a really, truly organic in the first place. Almost 40% of the organic produce tested in 2012 contained prohibited pesticides according to the USDA. 

    That said we do prefer the grow some of our own fruits and veggies.  We also love going to the farmer's market every week to support local businesses and farms and enjoy the produce that we get there.  We also tend to buy a 1/4 cow every year rather than purchase beef from the supermarket.  These have been primarily economic decisions for us but I do hope that they are a little healthier than the alternative. 

    Just a note: A lot of consumers believe that organic farming doesn't use pesticides but they actually do.  They use different, natural pesticides rather than synthetic.  Unfortunately, natural pesticides are usually less effective so they actually need to use more than in conventional farming. 

  • I put organic but I do a mix. LO will only get organic milk. I grab organic veggies when I can but the local farmers market we like to shop at doesn't have much organic selection.
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