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Hi ladies! 

I used to to be a hardcore bumpie and left several years ago after the birth of our second daughter. We lost our first daughter to amniotic band syndrome in 2009. I'm now 14wk pg via IVF. Due to IVF, I got OHSS (1.5 gallons of fluid leaked in my gut), went on bed rest and got a massive blood clot in my leg. The clot (gold ball size) went through my heart and landed just inside my lung. Part of my lung died due to it- thus, I'm high risk. Look forward to getting to know you ladies and to give and receive the support these boards are known for.

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    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your first daughter and it sounds like you're going though a lot with this pregnancy. I wish you all the best. DH and I are still TTC but we have been warned by 2 of his doctors (General care provider / doctor & cardiologist) as well as my general care provider / doctor that if / when we become pregnant, there is a good chance it may be a high risk pregnancy (we both were born with heart conditions) but that they don't think it would be a reason for us not to try - so only time will tell I suppose.
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