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Pregnant after hernia repair?

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Has anyone NOT had trouble with pregnancy after a hernia repair? I never planned to have more babies so I elected to have it repaired. It was very minor and didn't need mesh. 

Anyone with a similar situation get thru it okay?
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Re: Pregnant after hernia repair?

  • Oh, I forgot to mention my concerns!

    First, I'm wondering about pain as my belly grows. I still have some soreness around the scar to begin with. And second, I am concerned about the hernia needing repaired again. I CANNOT do that again. It was an awful experience and I feel worse after the repair than before. 
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  • I have no experience but I would discuss with your doctor the likelyhood of it separating again. They recommend 12 months between most abdominal surgeries and getting pregnant so I would assume 9 months for a minor repair would be at least close to adequate.
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  • I had an umbicak hernia repaired summer of 2014. My dr said wait at least one year or it would likely reopen. How long has it been since your repair? The part that concerns me about your post is that you still have pain, that isn't the case for me at all. 

    I I hear you on not wanting it repaired again. I will have the surgery again eventually if mine reopens with this pregnancy, but recovery was ROUGH.

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