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Feeling so sad I'm not pregnant anymore and baby is growing so fast

I just feel sad...not depressed, but just so sad that each day passes, farther and farther from when she was born. This time is so precious, the excitement and anticipation of her arrival and then it's just over so quickly. I get so sad thinking of the days and weeks passing. I just want to bottle these moments, the sweet little squeaky sounds, how cuddly she is, how my boys just adore her and feel sad about knowing how fleeting it is that I just can't even enjoy it. Does anyone else feel this way? Do you have any perspective that's helped you get past these feelings and replace them with one's that help you to enjoy this precious short time?

Re: Feeling so sad I'm not pregnant anymore and baby is growing so fast

  • You're not alone....I have moments like this as well where I am just flooded with emotions about how quickly time flies and it is so incredibly bittersweet. For me, I don't try to gloss past the sadness and just think about the memories for a few minutes and let the emotional wave just ride it's course for the few minutes. I like to also talk about some of the memories or moments that trigger these feelings with my DH or my parents and that is always helpful. Good luck! No one ever told me before parenthood that you would simultaneously feel joy and sadness at such an intense level watching LO grow.
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  • That's it. Today we had to take LOL back to the hospital for a hearing test and it happened to be exactly one week from the day and time she was born. I just started crying wishing it was a week ago again. But you're right, maybe taking a few mins to a knowledge that instead of feeling bad for feeling bad will help. Thanks for comisserating:)
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  • My LO is five months now (I still lurk on here.) and I feel the same way!! He was born at 7lb 1oz and 19 inches. At five months he's pushing 20lb and 30in. (He is EBF and has not started solids.) He grew sooooooo much faster than I was ever expecting. He's working on crawling and sitting and getting teeth and I say, wow! I thought I've had longer!! He'll be in college tomorrow!
    But I think it's good we have these thoughts now because my mom says it does fly and soon I'll have grandkids and wonder why I didn't enjoy the time with my kids as much. This is one of the primary reasons I feel blessed I have the luxury of being a SAHM.
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