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Last minute birthday...

LO turned one today! We just had a mini vacation with MIL and stepFIL (they live out of province) on the weekend, and they did a cake, so we figured it was done. But I didn't like that idea by this morning, so I just texted/fbed invites to our close friends for a small party on Saturday. Last minute, but I couldn't just skip her birthday!! Tonight is the only chance I have to do errands until Sat morning (party at 2:30), so I need to plan it in the next 2h. Spam me with your easy ideas for a casual fall party please! 

So far I'm thinking caramel apple cake pops, sugar cookies in shape of 1, mini pumpkin pies, apple tarts, short mason jars of candy corn to decorate the table, lemonade or apple cider to drink... maybe easy snacks like spinach dip with pumpernickel (could grab that on Sat) or cheese, crackers and veggie platter? I can make the baked goods on Friday with my daycare kids, they love pastry! I'll have to do decorations mostly at night though because the bigger kids would want to 'help', so any fast diy ideas would help lots!
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Re: Last minute birthday...

  • Buy a bunch of fake or paper leaves to put around the table. Hobby stores also have fake fall foliage that you can use to make a cute centerpiece that you can use during autumn time around your house. Use some of the paper leaves to create a happy birthday sign. Streamers in the right colors are also a quick decorating idea. Small hay bales are also starting to crop up in hobby stores. Anything autumn related would look nice as decoration and can be used again to decorate the house if you do that sort of thing.
    Definitely provide a mix of sweet and savory snacking items as some people may not have quite as big of sweet tooth. I saw a recipe for a pumpkin cake with buttercream icing that looks delicious and pretty easy to bake if you wanted a larger cake too.
    Hope your LO has a great first birthday!
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  • I will be decorating with small pumpkins and gords. Popcorn and sliced veggies and dip are good snacks to mix in with sweet foods. You could always do a crock pot of chilli if you want an easy meal.
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  • Thanks ladies! Good ideas for decorating-I found felt leaves at the dollar store (and a bunch of rustic decor and diy materials to make a few things), and got a bag of ornamental gourds with my groceries. For being last minute, I think it's going to look better coordinated than DD1's first birthday!
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