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  • @ansley0319 Do you mean how long does it take to get admitted, or how long will you be in the hospital once you are admitted?  FTM, so I don't know tons, but I pre-admitted a few weeks ago. It took probably 20 mins to sign the papers and pre-pay my copay for the stay. Once there, I'll be in the hospital for however long labor takes, plus 48 hours after time of birth.
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  • @Jabreen I meant how long have people been in the hospital as far as days including induction, labor, birth, recovery. I think everyone I know has been 3 days or less, just wondering based on others experiences and circumstances how long they were there for. :smile:
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  • @ansley0319 I think most insurances cover 48 hours for vaginal birth (assuming no complications), and three days for c-sections. I have heard of some only covering 24 hours for vaginal, but I think that's fairly rare. Those times begin from the time of birth. Labor doesn't count, so it can take however long it takes. Figure an extra day for that.
  • @pizzaandwine I hadn't heard that before about labor not being figured in and that it's an insurance determination ! Thank you for responding. :smile:
  • Yes what @pizzaandwine said. My hospital said if I have my baby on a Saturday vaginally I'd leave Monday. If I have the baby via c-section Saturday I would leave Tuesday. Unless there are complications or any reason to stay later. 
  • @TNgoldengirl so happy to see you back!!!
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  • @ansley0319 I was admitted Friday @ 8pm to be induced, had DD via csection at 11:29pm Saturday night, and was allowed to leave the hospital around 1pm on Monday. The doctor was going to have me stay until Tuesday but gave me the option of leaving on Monday, which I took because DS had been staying with my MIL and I was anxious to have him back :)

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