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Baby's First Cold

Hey ladies, quick question...My husband and I are both sick with colds right now, and while LO is acting his normal happy self, I'm super paranoid he's gonna get sick. I'm a stay at home mom, so he's never gotten sick before and I'm not sure what to expect or how to help him if he does get sick. I want to be prepared, so that's where you guys come in. Are there baby cold medicines to help with runny/stuffy noses or sore throats? Or are there other ways to treat colds? If he gets a cold, is that a serious thing in babies, where I would need to schedule a doctors appointment? He'll be a year old in two weeks. Thanks in advance!! 

Re: Baby's First Cold

  • Don't worry too much! Colds can be obnoxious but they happen.  The cold medicines for babies are largely placebo, we've used Zarabees cough syrup before but I'm not sure it really worked.  Saline solution, nose frida, humidifiers and possibly baby vicks are going to help make LO a little more comfortable.  The good news is at this age a lot of babies aren't on their backs all not but are moving around which will help a little with the congestion.  

    Just try to make LO as comfortable as possible and you should be fine. If the cold lasts a long time (think 5-7 days with absolutely no improvement) I would make an appointment.  If LO has a fever that lasts 48 hours I might call as well.  
  • I'd be ready with Tylenol and the humidifier. Also second the vicks! We put it on LO's feet (covered with socks) and a little on his chest when he's congested. It definitely seems to help a little.
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  • My daughter has had a couple of colds and they are rough. Things that helped us are: snot suckers, humidifier, baby vicks, nasal spray, running a shower and chilling in the steam it creates, and K-I-D-S 0-9 cough and cold (I really don't know if it helped, but we were at our wits end so we gave it a try). 
  • When my LO was sick she slept on our chest. We took it in turns. This was the only way any of us got to sleep. The position calmed her down and she was able to breathe better.
  • If you don't have a nose frida then you need to invest in one. It helps so much. I agree that there is not much you can do but suction and humidifier. 
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