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When to start weaning off the bottle?

Just wondering when and how to go about weaning my little guy off the bottle. He was 11 months on the 6th of July.

Re: When to start weaning off the bottle?

  • We introduced a sippy at about 10 months. L now only has 3(?) bottles a day. He gets plenty of milk and water from his sippy.

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  • I have not been very good at this, I've only put milk in his sippy a couple of times and he wasn't a fan. He will drink water from them all day long but when it comes to milk he wants his bottles
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  • Thabjs ladies! Little G hasn't been a fan is sippy cups! I think his short little arms have troubles holding it up far enough to drink it while sitting. He can manage with a bottle while laying down but a sippy cup is too interesting to drink from apparently. He does drink water from a straw cup so yesterday I went and bought a specific one he will hopefully get used to drinking milk out of... This one is see thru so hopefully it'll help since he won't be surprised when he's expecting water this way lol
  • My first one didn't care what he drank out of and so we ditched bottles a little bit before his birthday. My second son was like no way. He had no desire. So he had his bottle until he was 1.5 and then finally he drank from sippy cups. Since he was my second I didn't care all that much. I just kept trying and eventually it clicked. This time around my daughter seems to drink from anything but she is EBF and doesn't show any signs of weaning, so if during that process she wants a bottle I will give her what she wants to get her off my boob hahaha. She drinks from sippies and bottles right now, depending on where we are.
  • I drop kicked DD's bottle when I was confident she was getting plenty of food and fluids and her belly was full before bedtime and was sure she only wanted her bottle out of routine and comfort. She was about 1.5 before bottles were 100% gone.
  • I don't think my son would care if I got rid of his bottle however, I figure I will stop with the bottles once he is off breast milk and drinks cows milk. He gets kind of messy with the sippy cup and I don't want him wasting any of my precious breast milk! Probably in the next month or two...

  • My LO just turned a year old on 8/25. I introduced the sippy cup a few months back with just water in it. It didn't take long for her to understand how to use it. The other day, I put formula in it and tried to get her to drink before going down for an afternoon nap. She threw one of the biggest tantrums I've ever seen. I tried to offer the bottle back to help settle her down but she was so mad at me! I've read from many others that persistence is the key and to keep at it until they realize it's officially time to change over to this new routine. I'm trying to be patient, too, I might add lol. My strategy to bring about this new routine with the sippy cup is to give her a bottle when she wakes up in the morning and a bottle when she goes down for bed at night. All other bottle feedings will be replaced with milk in the sippy cup (doc says its time for my LO to start drinking whole milk). She will put up her best fights but I will do my best to stay consistent. Wish me luck, momma's! :)
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