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Moms with at least 2 Babies...???

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Did y'all find it was harder to conceive or easier to conceive with your second child? My husband and I had been together for 6 1/2 years (between dating/marriage), with 6 of those not using any kind of birth control before I became pregnant. We had never tried to chart or track my ovulation but had a healthy enough sex life we assumed something should have happened within that time frame. We had called and placed ourself on a waiting list and several weeks later received out positive pregnancy test. Our daughter is now fixing to turn one and we have already ditched the birth control and are now weaning from breastfeeding to hopefully jumpstart my menstrual cycles. Just wanted to know if anyone had a more positive experience conceiving a second child than their first. 

Wishful thinking I'm sure! 

Re: Moms with at least 2 Babies...???

  • I have three and all three were easily conceived. My OB called me fertile Myrtle. lol. I am about 4 weeks out from getting my Mirena removed so we can start TTC, so IDK how it will be this time around because this is my first time using it. I've heard some stories about it taking a while to get that bfp after Mirena so I am bracing myself for that. Hope it happens quickly for you guys!
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  • Both of my boys were conceived the third month of trying.  Hoping for the same time frame with the third, but I'm still nursing so we will see if that makes a difference.
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    Just wanted to say that it's really hard to know how TTC will go.  It can definitely be different every time.  I know people that, like, sneezed and were pregnant with their second after trying for years for their first.  I also know someone who took equally long to conceive each time, and someone else who had a much harder time the second time.  I guess you've got to just take the best care of yourself that you can and hope for the best.

    For us, it was easy for our first three (we were really young), then we had a vasectomy, then reversed it, then easily conceived #4, then had a sperm count issue leading up to #5 (did an IUI).  So, strangely it took the longest when I least expected it to.  We have been very fortunate, though.

    Best wishes to you & good luck.
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