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December 2015 Moms

BLW Check-in

For those who decided to do Baby Led Weaning.... How's it going??

Re: BLW Check-in

  • I love it. I love having her sit beside us a feed herself and I can enjoy my dinner. It's a bit messy but whatever. We did have our first serious "gagging/choking" happen today. It was a bit scary but she cleared it herself and continued eating.
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  • We are doing BLW at home, but baby girl gets purées at daycare. So far it's going great! She can grab teething crackers, bananas, watermelon, scrambled eggs, all kinds of stuff and she just puts it in her mouth and takes a good bite. On the few occasions she has bitten more than she can chew, she just spits it back out. Definitely messy, but she is having such a good time and I really think it's helped develop her fine motor skills. Also pretty convenient for me to just hand her a banana instead of scooping it into her mouth. 
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  • He's finally learned how to open up his hand and get the food into his mouth, instead of just...dropping whatever got "trapped" in his fist on the floor, haha. Sure, sometimes he misses, but it's still a great improvement!
    Is heartily apologizing to her child in advance for genes that predispose them to shitty vision and being Too Damn Tall.
  • We LOVE BLW. She is doing so well and eats just about everything. 
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