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VBAC mommy updates

so I thought I would start a thread for moms that want a VBAC and their progress, questions etc.   
to start off, I'm so done with this pregnancy due to swelling, carpal tunnel , sciatic nerve pain and  doctors telling me I have a LGA baby which I can feel and that I'm approaching 39 weeks 

it's so tempting to say lets just get this baby out tomorrow by cesarean but I want to try for a VBAC badly !  So I change my mind every hour it seems 


Re: VBAC mommy updates

  • I hear you.  I'm trying for a vbac and have a currently head-down baby who keeps trying to fight his way back to oblique.  Spending my days doing spinning babies to keep him head down and contracting every second that I am upright and walking, only to have everything fizzle out by bedtime.  The idea of a repeat C is sooooo tempting.  My due date is Tuesday and I am just so done.

  • I'm going for vbac #2 but I felt the exact same way last time. She came at 40w3d and it was awesome but back then when I was counting down the days until my repeat c-section at 41 weeks (since my doctor wouldn't induce), the wait was excruciating. I remember crying to my husband the night before I went into labor that no matter what the outcome the stress of hoping for the vbac wasn't worth it! Anyway, I was wrong and I had a wonderful vbac the next day. Hang in there ladies!!

    I'm still stressed this time but less so. My first was almost 10 pounds, second was 8.5 pounds. This one is measuring big so I'm jut hoping to go into labor soon! I'm 39 weeks today. 
    DD1 6.2011 
    DD2 4.2013 - vbac
    DS1 9.2016 - vbac, team green
    Baby #4 due 9.2018
  • I'm 40 weeks today and trying everything to get her out. I do however have a c-section scheduled for 9/8 if she doesn't come on her own by then. I had a horrible experience with induction so I don't want to go that route...but can't help but feel like I'm missing something if I don't do it on my own. 
  • I love the idea of this thread. I am only 38 weeks and the VBAC reality is really starting to hit me mentally similar to you ladies. I've also never been in labor which is another total psych out, like is my body even capable of going into labor on its own? (Scheduled c for breech at 40+4 Last time.). Glad I'm not alone!  I still haven't made the decision as far as whether I would try to induce if I go very far over my due date and that's what my dr. Recommends since it does increase the risk of rupture. I'm very fortunate to have a super vbac friendly dr who has no limits on length of pregnancy whatsoever as long as mommy and baby are healthy.
  • Just had a successful vbac! 39w1d... Admitted for observation for prodromal labor. Got nubain for contractions at 8pm sent husband home; 1cm dilated. Scheduled section set 2pm next day. Water broke art 1030pm; was 4cm. At 3am I was 9.5cm... Started pushing at 330... She was born at 404am. It was amazing and I'm thankful for both experiences! Epidural didn't take well so I experienced most of it. She's here, happy and healthy. Good luck to you ladies!
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