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Re: Keeping name and/or sex secret...

  • @cjs260 I could basically just write "ditto" for everything you typed here. Except for the fact I don't know the sex yet; I will on Friday. Plan, reasoning, logic. Same same same. 

  • ohstars said:
    The sex isn't a secret but we've only told a few the name and might keep that a secret. Last time we shared the name early and continued to get "suggestions" texted. But at the same time, I'm ready to order a coming home outfit that is monogrammed and would love to show my family. 
    That might be a good way to reveal the name. If you've already had an outfit custom made, it gives the impression that you're 100% set on the name, and (maybe) they won't keep giving you suggestions?
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  • We won't keep the sex a secret, but I'm not sure on the name. We definitely want to keep any name options to ourselves at least until we've decided for sure, as I know when you tell people a few options, they feel like they should give you an opinion, and I really don't want to hear it. Like @yogadevil said, it's hard enough naming a pet, let alone trying to name a human! So, honestly, we might not even have a name yet by the time he/she is born.
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  • We probably won't agree on a name until the baby is born anyway LOLOL
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  • @cjs260 I could basically just write "ditto" for everything you typed here. Except for the fact I don't know the sex yet; I will on Friday. Plan, reasoning, logic. Same same same. 
    We're the same person. 

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  • With DD, we told the name and sex. I didn't mind if people didn't like the names we picked bc not their kid, not their problem. I tend to not care much what people think of names we pick anyways but I could understand see other people wanting to keep it secret. 

    This time, we will tell the sex but we might keep names secret just bc this is our (probably) last baby and I would like a little bit of something for DH and I to keep to ourselves and to be sort of a surprise. 
  • We've shared the sex. As far as the name, once we decide, I think we may just tell our immediate families. We're using some difficult initials, so there aren't many options anyway. Like @MrsDramaK said, in the Jewish religion, you're not supposed to share that information until after the baby is born. 
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  • We probably won't know the sex...  depending on how the AS goes in a month or so.
    For the name, we probably won't know that either.  We'll probably have a short list; but I can't imagine picking a name until we see the LO.  It took us a week to name our last dog; I don't know if I can handle the pressure of naming another human.
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  • We found out the sex through the Panorma test. We used it to announce our pregnancy. We'd been TTC for a year so we had plenty of time to talk about names. In fact, we had already decided on a boy's name a year ago. We've told people when they've asked what his name is and no one has said anything negative. We just said,"We've already decided on a name, his name is Henry Joseph." Every loves the name. If they don't, they've done a good job of pretending.
  • cjs260 said:
    @cjs260 I could basically just write "ditto" for everything you typed here. Except for the fact I don't know the sex yet; I will on Friday. Plan, reasoning, logic. Same same same. 
    We're the same person. 

    I always wanted a doppelgänger. 

  • cjs260 said:
    @cjs260 I could basically just write "ditto" for everything you typed here. Except for the fact I don't know the sex yet; I will on Friday. Plan, reasoning, logic. Same same same. 
    We're the same person. 

    I always wanted a doppelgänger. 
    Actually, you have two! We're A/S dopplegangers!  ;)
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    We have always announced the sex, but kept the name secret. 

    People don't typically have an "opinion" about the sex (well some do, but they are morons). Selfishly, I also really didn't want yellow or green baby clothes, and also wanted to decorate the nursery ahead of time too (and we have people over, so they'd see it!). Our first is a girl (and this one too!) and I definitely did not receive any "Diva" or "Princess" type of onesies...or maybe I did and they ended up with the firewood? I totally feel you ladies on the gender stereotyping - I still get questions about why DD isn't in pink, or with pony's kind of pathetic.

    Regarding names, people DO typically have an opinion (or at least a reaction). I can "handle" it, but I don't want to. We love the names we've picked and aren't changing our minds. Also, I know so many pregnant people and I know of peoples' names getting stolen!
  • I know the sex, but DH wants it to be a surprise, so I'm trying keep the information to myself (I have only told my best friend who lives across the country and promised to keep it a secret). I'm afraid that the more people who know, something will happen to accidentally ruin the surprise for DH. And we plan on keeping our name selections a secret (though we'll of course have to come up with options for both a boy and girl again since DH doesn't know). I am also with @cjs260 in trying to avoid too many gendered stereotypes.  
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  • Leaning more toward keeping name a secret. We finally decided on our girl pick and I told one of my best friends and she hates it. It bummed me out more than I thought.

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  • Gender will be shared with family....I have already been asked a billion times "so do you know yet? we want to shop!!!" (FTM here, and this baby will be the first grandchild for the parents and first great grandchild for the grandparents, so the golden child lol) We should be finding out on 9/19 if baby cooperates with the ultrasound.
    As far as names, we already have ours selected. The boy name was a give in because my brother in law passed away unexpectedly years back at 24 yrs old and we wanted to honor him, and the girl name took some time, with that I did bounce a few ideas off my mom and MIL and now we have one chosen that both DH and I love. Going forward, we told immediate family we have our names ironed out and they are set in stone, so I am hoping no peanut gallery, but so be it. The names are chosen people, so no amount of commentary is needed. 
  • Since DH and I are on "Team Green" the sex is even a secret from us, but we have a name for either outcome. We haven't been all that secretive about the name part, and over all no one's protested or made an odd face at either of our choices. I fact more often than not we've heard, "that's so cute!" For anyone who's interested a girl will be, Abigail Rosina and a boy will be, Harrison Vaughn(and yeah we're aware how German that's going to sound when his full name is said super fast lol).

  • We had the names picked out before E got pregnant, and just found out the sex today (Team Blue), but we're keeping everything a secret because we don't want everyone to pre-gender the baby (yes, we're kind of THOSE lesbians  :p) and obsess over it's genitals.

    BUT, we're telling everyone that we're not finding out to keep our loved ones from pressing or feeling like we're being shady.

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  • We are not finding out what we are having which is super exciting, but I do feel guilty that I can't share this information with family. For this reason, I feel the need to share the names with family and friends. I think this may allow them to feel more connected to the baby. My husband wanted to keep everything a secret, but I can't even keep birthday gifts a secret. This was impossible!
  • We're team green and aren't discussing names. I have much the same feelings on keeping things gender neutral as @cjs260

    As for names, we are probably going with family names, but I would hate to announce "it will be X after Granny" and then changing our minds.  It seems like that would lead to hurt feelings.

    SIL announced sex and names for both her kids, but she ended up changing her mind about her son's name before he was born. Well, my mother-in-law had already ordered a bunch of stuff with the original name choice embroidered on it. 10 years later, that stuff is STILL IN HER HOUSE. She thinks if we have a boy we should use that name.
  • I wanted to keep the sex a secret but decided against it because I want my kids to know. If they know everyone is going to know. I don't really care if people know our names.
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  • We tell everyone we're having another daughter, but as we took 3 days after DDs birth to decide on a name, no one is pushing us this time around. Guess they know we need to take our time.
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  • I have a feeling we'll be taking our time naming this LO as well.  DS' name came so easy to us.  This one, not so much.

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  • We are team green. Found out with the first few and not our youngest daughter. 
    One of my DSs wants to call the baby Olivia, which actually was what we would have named our first had he turned out to be a girl but it's the number one girls name now. We try to stay away from top names. 
    No one will know baby's name until delivery and when people ask if we are finding out the sex, I tell them no and that we are super excited to have either a girl or a boy. But both hubs and I have a gut feeling it's a girl this time and have been right 3 of 4 kids so far. Time will tell!

  • We'll tell the sex and top contenders for names - but I want to have 2-3 names chosen and then pick when we meet the kid. That said, we've told people that if it is a boy, the middle name will be Henry (after my dad who passed away in 2012 and was the best person in the world). We're aiming for an Italian first name - but in the back of my mind, Henry may be a first name too. 
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