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Wednesday Ticker Change (8/31)

How many weeks? Size?

How are you feeling?


GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? 

Re: Wednesday Ticker Change (8/31)

  • Posted early bc I have to work early again tomorrow! Haha. 
  • 18 weeks - artichoke!

    Last night, I started to have a backache that won't go away. I tried to walk around the block but it didn't help ugh. 

    2 weeks til A/S!

    Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot lol
  • How many weeks? Size? 15 weeks a naval orange

    How are you feeling? Still exhausted, nausea comes and goes rather than being constant. I'm really struggling to stay asleep at night. I fall asleep just fine but I wake up multiple times every night and then have trouble falling back to sleep each time. It's really not helping my fatigue.

    Rants/raves? Rant: So when we got the bad news with the house inspection and were trying to come to terms with the seller on what they would cover we asked that our appraisal be put on hold. Well 3 weeks ago we did come to terms and asked that they take the hold off the appraisal. We just found out yesterday that they never did and now it's looking like they can't find an appraiser in time for our closing. I'm beyond pissed. It will cost us so much money to have to extend the closing date so I'm hoping they freakin get their shit together and figure it out!

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? The Devil Went Down to Georgia, I really need to get the sheet music and learn to play it on my violin! 
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  • How many weeks? Size? 16 weeks, duct tape cardboard roll 

    How are you feeling? The pre-appointment anxiety has started setting in...and I don't go in for another 9 days. I've had a temperamental stomach as of late, but have found that drinking 80oz of water a day alleviates that. Still fluctuating between food adverse and food cravings.  

    Rants/raves? Rant: My husband's job. I love his job, love the company, love what it allows us to do. However, they're having major issues and he's having to work long days. This has seriously negatively impacted his progress on the house (we're remodeling), and he has 7am meetings daily that he needs to be at work for...which means he's up at 5...which means the dogs and I are up at 5. This has been going on for over a month now...and I'm tired. 

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? Travis Tritt, It's a great day to be alive. 

  • How many weeks? Size? 15, Navel Orange

    How are you feeling? ATM I am just annoyed by my hiccups.  I've had a cold since last Wednesday and I have this very strange smell in my nose as a result.  I hope it's related to the cold and not the pregnancy because 6 more months of this would suck.  

    Rants/raves? I'm moving in ten days!  It's so exciting, I can't wait to be out of my house.

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? Build Me Up Buttercup.
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  • How many weeks? Size? 16...blackberry phone

    How are you feeling? Most days are good. I had really bad MS on Sunday (didn't eat all day). Still really tired. Still really can't eat much.

    Rants/raves? I'm worried since I'm not eating a lot still Baby isn't getting what he/she needs. I'm still down 7 lbs since I got KU.

    I missed my chair yesterday at work and fell on my bottom really hard. Since I'm RH neg my Dr. said to call anytime I fell so I did. I went in and her the HB all is well. I had blood drawn to see if I need the Rhogram shot early...still waiting for the results. I love that my Dr agreed to put my mind at ease and see me.

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to?  I'm not much of a music listener but I guess I'll go with Strong Enough by Matthew West. That song has gotten me through so much in life.

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  • 18 Artichoke

    Feeling pretty good lately. 

    Saw my doctor on Monday and heard the heartbeat. :) Always a great sound to hear.

    Rocks and Water by Deb Talan. 

    @CoonMom Babies take what they need from your body so if you're not eating, it's more worrying that you're not getting what you need. Hang in there lady, perhaps try smoothies? That's scary falling, but it sounds like your doctor is awesome!

  • How many weeks? Size?
    16 weeks, coca cola can

    How are you feeling?
    Pretty good for the most part. I've been having a weird pain, but think it's just the usual aches and pains. 

    I still need to rant about how uncomfortable our work chairs are while being pregnant. debating bringing this pregnancy wedge I saw at baby's r us for chairs to see if that will help these aches and pains during the day.

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? 
    Well I have no clue since I am being put on the spot. ;) Probably really any 90's song from backstreet boys lol or several songs from savage garden. I can sing right along when those come on, even when it's been years since listening to them.

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
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    Kali gained her wings on 07/28/2015.
    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • How many weeks? Size? 19 weeks! It's the size of a mango or an adipose from Dr. Who.

    How are you feeling? Pretty good, but I've been peeing about a million times a day now.

    Rants/raves? Going to my A/S this Friday, yay!

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? Pretty much any song off of Todrick Hall's new album "Straight Outta Oz"...
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  • How many weeks? Size?
    19 mango

    How are you feeling?
    blah... I am still just tired all the time, sleepy is becoming more uncomfortable.
    Still have acid reflux all the time. 

    I am going to Disneyland this Friday! I am going to try and do then 10k Disney run. Should be interesting.... 

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to
    Disney songs from my fav movies. So can do Mulan, frozen, Lion King, etc....

    Married to my Soul Mate since 09/06/09

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    MC 10.23.15 @ 10 weeks

  • How many weeks? Size?
    16. Avacado or dill pickle. 

    How are you feeling?
    Great! Exhausted, but I think the first week of school is more to blame than my KU status. 

    Rave: I felt the baby move at work yesterday! I've felt him/her sometimes at bedtime for maybe two weeks now, but this was the first time when I've been up and doing other things. I was  :o

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? 
    Idk, I sing along to everything on the radio. I'm gonna have to say "Shoop" since that's my go-to karaoke song lol 
  • How many weeks? Size?
    16 weeks - avocado

    How are you feeling?
    Feeling really good - not as tired or as nauseous this past week or two yay!  

    Like the previous poster, I'm also hating my desk chair at my office, lower back is killing me!  Going to request a stand up desk, and also might bring in an exercise ball to sit on instead of a chair and see if that helps.

    GTKY: What is one song you will never forget the lyrics to? 
    Free Fallin - Tom Petty (really anything by Tom Petty!) 
  • @MissMerciBeaucoup I have a stand up desk at work and haven't used it once since I got KU. My tolerance for standing is fairly low right now though. I am planning to bring in an exercise ball though. Otherwise, if you can request a new chair, I LOVE my Herman Miller chair. They're expensive, but they really provide good support. 

  • Thanks @Patience7150 - you might be right about the standing right now.  My firm does have some Herman Miller chairs and will order them on request - maybe I'll request one and try it out!   Although my doula did suggest sitting on an exercise ball regularly at work to keep hips mobile and open so I'll prob use that sometimes as well. 
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