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Due May 1st?

Anyone else? I joined April moms but so far behind everyone else in there.

This is baby #4 for us. But #3 flies with the angels in heaven. She had Trisomy18 and was stillborn a little more than 6 months ago.

Re: Due May 1st?

  • I believe my due date is May 1st as well! I've been lurking in April but didn't want to hop in as it was already pretty established and I hadn't been to a doctor to verify my date yet. Happy to see the May forum up and running! Congrats, and I'll pray for a very happy and healthy little one for you!
  • I thought about jumping in with April when I didn't see this board but they seemed established like y'all said. 

    My EDD is May 3rd. 

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  • My first appointment. Is September 20th. Will be doing harmony test and finding out gender and our results for chromosomal abnormalities shortly after that. We will know gender very early this time.
  • Hi! I have a May 1st due date too. I've been waiting for days for this BMB to open up. Glad it's up and running! This is my 5th pregnancy with 2 children and 2 losses. I'm excited and crossing everything that things will work out this time! 
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  • I'm due 4/30 and also feel behind on that board, although I'll likely deliver a week or two early based on my last pregnancy. Thought I'd check out over here b/c they seem a little nutty with the posting rules.

  • I'm due May 1st too! This will be baby #2 our little guy is 8 months! Was in the April board for a little but I agree seemed to be getting a little nutty!
  • @cmillar36 have you had the harmony test done before? I'm interested in it but worried as I don't know how much it will cost.
  • cmillar36cmillar36
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    No I haven't @QueenDaenerysT

    Our diagnosis of Trisomy18 was made via Multiple ultrasounds and amniocentesis. Harmony test is covered for me now due to our past history.

    Im assuming you are in the U.S?
  • I'm having my first. Unconfirmed due date, but my best calculation is also May 1. :) I'm scared and excited.
  • Its really, really bad form to go to another board and bash your own BMB.  FWIW, @babymama619 was called out on A17 for creating her own thread asking if she should tell her best friend, who knows shes trying to get pregnant and who also has a big mouth that she's KU.  If the board was cluttered with posts like that non-stop it wouldn't be enjoyable for anyone.  

  • I have a May 1st due date! This will be our second I've been so excited to have another! 
  • Hi all! I'm due May 1st also, which is just a couple weeks before the hubby's birthday :) this is my second pregnancy after my first earlier this year resulted in a blighted ovum and d&c. I'm hesitant to post already since it still doesn't feel real and I'm trying not to get hopes up until the first appointment on Sept 22, but figured some community might help that time go faster. Looking forward to the next several months with you all!
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    @cmillar36 and @QueenDaenerysT I had the Harmony test with my son. It was totally covered by insurance (maybe because I was 35?). That was almost 4 years ago too.

  • @mia1116

    things are different here in Canada. I'm not sure where you live. Public healthcare is free. Unfortunately for me last time harmony wasn't covered. It would have been $500. But because of our history of Trisomy18 now it will be covered for us. We do have bluecross but it doesn't cover this kind of stuff.
  • I am due May 1! My oldest was 3.5 weeks early, and my youngest 2 weeks early, but I'm technically May 1 so May will be my home!
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  • I'm due April 27th and have been participating over there but also feel so behind. My DS was 2 weeks late so I will likely deliver in May. I'm also liking the feel of this board a little more.

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  • May 1st right here! Hopefully this will be my rainbow baby after 2 losses in 2015 (one a very early miscarriage, and then a termination at 20 weeks due to lethal form of skeletal dysplasia). So super nervous every second about this pregnancy!!
  • @lesleycutee ;

    I feel you on the fear. We terminated for Trisomy18 @23 weeks 6 months ago.

  • Are you getting an early doctor appt this time? I decided I do not want to see the doctor until a hearbeat can be heard so am going on 9/26 but will not be telling anyone until after the 1st tri screening, I don't think I will breathe easily until that testing is complete!

  • cmillar36cmillar36
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    I'm going September 20th will likely move back a few days though. The fear is very real. Chances are less than 1% for it
    to happen again. I really don't feel secure at this point at all though. Having basically 0 symptoms at just over 5 weeks.

    we won't be telling anyone til after 1st trimester screening either. Even then we will see. Takes me forever to show so hiding shouldn't be an issue.
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