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Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself before jumping in.  I've been lurking this board for a little while.  I'm 31, DH is about to turn 38.  I've been off BCP since July, 2015, and we got an unexplained IF diagnosis last month.  We just did our first IUI this month, but I don't think it quite went as planned.  I was on 50mg Clomid, and had two follies.  My lining was at 3 at my first scan, so they put me on Estrace and it went to 6 at my second scan.  At my second scan my bigger follie was 18, but they wanted me to use OPKs to watch for O, rather than a trigger.  I knew in the back of my mind I should have just asked for a trigger, but didn't.  They also said to only take OPKs once a day, with second morning urine (even though I know from tracking the last 13 cycles that I get surges in the afternoon).  I think I missed the beginning of my surge, and even though I called the second I got a positive OPK, the day of my IUI the ovarian pressure was gone and my temp had gone up.  They still did the IUI, but I'm pretty sure it was all for nothing.  I've felt pretty intense guilt over screwing everything up, but I keep trying to look at this like a big (and expensive) learning experience.

We've talked at great length over whether it's worth it to do IUIs when we're paying totally OOP, and have decided to do one more IUI while I take the month to get back into clean eating and working out regularly.  Then we are hoping to go to IVF with PGS.  I also need to be screened for the breast cancer gene, so that gives me time to do that.  I'm a little freaked out about it, but our RE says they can make a probe to screen our embryos if I have it.  

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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Re: Newbie Intro

  • Hey girl!

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    MFI and FFI
    April 2017/May 2017 - IVF
  • Welcome! Sorry to hear about your timing problems with your IUI. FX that your next IUI works and you're not here long! But there's a great group of ladies to share your time with here :smile:
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  • snl hello hi welcome bye
    Hey girl! Bringing that GIF game! :smiley: 
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    DX: MFI - 1% Morph 
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    ER - 11 retrieved- 9 mature - 7 fertilized - 3 sent for PGS on day 5 - No normals (1 XXX Embryo - may use in future)
    3/17 - IVF #2 - Antagonist Protocol w/ HCG trigger
    ER- 13 retrieved - 11 mature - 8 fertilized - 2 sent for PGS on day 5 -2 Normal
    FET #1 - 5/16/17 - BFP! - Beta #1 5/25 - 156 - Beta #2 5/30 - 2562 - Beta #3 6/1 - 5191!


  • Welcome - I hope your stay is short.
  • Oh my gosh you all just made my day!   :D  Love the gifs!
  • Welcome! :smiley: Sorry that you're here and I hope your stay is short, but this board has an amazing group of ladies who are so supportive and friendly!
  • @mrsdee15 Welcome!  Try not to feel bad, though I know it's hard.  You followed your clinic's advice, which is what I would have done too.  Really, you shouldn't have to "ask" for a trigger... I would think that if they thought it was best, that they'd have had you do it.  I guess I just feel that they're the experts... and that's what I pay them the big bucks for!  Haha.  I used OPKs for IUIs too.  Hope this next one sticks for you!

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    2013 Several cycles of TI with Clomid = BFN

    Feb. 2014: IUI = BFN

    June 2014: IUI w/Clomid = BFN

    Jul. 2014: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN

    Apr. 2016: Consult to begin IVF

    May 2016 TI w/Follistim and Ovidrel = BFN

    Jul. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Vitamin D, COQ10, DHEA, Gonal F, Menopur, Cetrotide, Novarel, Leuprolide Acetate: 21 eggs retrieved, (10 w/ ICSI, 11 w/conv. IVF) 13 fertilized

    Jul. 2016: Endometrin, Fresh Transfer 2AB = CP

    7 frozen

    Oct. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA = CP

    6 frozen

    Nov. 2016: Hospitalized for small bowel obstruction

    Mar. 2017: Diagnostic Laparoscopy = Twist found in intestine - part of small intestine, part of colon, and appendix removed, bowel resection - caused by Endometriosis

    May 2017: 3.75 Lupron Depot

    June 2017: FET postponed due to complex cysts in breasts

    June 2017: Endometrial scratch

    Jul. 2017: Baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA (lost 1 4AA in thaw) = CP

    4 frozen

    Sept. 2017: ERA testing

    Oct. 2017: Breast cysts biopsied

    Dec. 2017: FET

    DH: 34 | Me: 35
    DS1 9/24/13
    DX Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Factor V Leiden Mutation, Secondary Infertility
    MFI (SA #1Count 11mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    MFI (SA #2Count 7 mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    AMH .328 | FSH 13.2 
    Oct. 2016: Clomid + TI
    IVF: ER 3/1/17; 5 retrieved, 3 mature & fertilized
    Results: 2 PGS normal embryos
    Planned on August 2017 transfer
    Natural BFP 4/3/17,Expecting baby boy via RCS 12/7/17

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