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Birth announcement?

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Thoughts on paper birth announcements? We're thinking of sending one to relatives and close friends, but we're not sure it's worth it. What are you doing?

Birth announcement? 67 votes

Sending paper announcement
40% 27 votes
Not sending paper announcement
59% 40 votes

Re: Birth announcement?

  • We didn't do it as everyone knew. My friends have big mouths and I wasn't even able to announce her birth online. 

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  • I DIYed some by taking my own pics and adding birth details. I printed them with the snapfish app so I just paid shipping. I'm sending them out to some of our older family members that aren't on social media and with the last few thank you notes.
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  • We didn't do birth announcements (much to the dismay of some members of our family).  Everyone who we would have sent them to already knew and we were able to send out more pictures by email than we could in a birth announcement anyways.  

  • I wasn't planning on it until my husband's grandfather asked about them. So I did some cheap ones through Wal-Mart for older family members and really close friends and they actually came out really nice. I liked having one to put in his baby book too.

  • Our baby is due early December, so my hope is to send out birth announcements that do double duty as holiday cards.
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