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NBR-Alex and Ani

Am I the only one on the planet that never heard of these bracelets until this week? Everyone has looked at me like I'm an alien when I ask if they've heard of them. I apparently missed the memo back in ummm 2012!?

 I guess my husband is right because according to him I live in under a rock. I never know what's "in" and what's not.  The kids get quite a laugh at me too, especially when we talk about new "dance moves" (these poor kids have thee most ridiculous dance moves! )

I am the poster child for "all late and out of date"

Re: NBR-Alex and Ani

  • You're not the only one. I had to Google them but once I saw the picture, I knew what they were. I work in the jewelry department of a retail store and we had a version of them. I just didn't know them by that name. I too feel like I'm behind on everything and I blame it mostly on not having cable.
  • I have no idea what it is. 
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  • +1 for team "Dafuq is that".
  • I didn't until I was gifted one recently. 

  • What is Alex and ani? I have no idea 
  • I know what they are but thats bc they are from my home state and their name is everywhere. Never had a desire to buy one though!
    DS 8/13/15 
    Blessed  <3o:)
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