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Making friends with babies

I was wondering if anyone has advise or ideas about making friends with babies. I'm new to the town I not live in and work for myself. I have joined a few mom and baby groups but so far no one that I've met seems inclined to make friends. Any advise or stories would help. My LO is 11 mo the old.

Re: Making friends with babies

  • I started going to baby storytimes at our local Library. Most of the babies are around the same age and it's a way for thme to interact. I will say that until they are 2 or 3, they mainly engage in side by side play, so don't worry if they don't "play" with eachother. I also used Nextdoor to reach out to some moms in my neighborhood.  Hopefully that might work for you too!
  • I found things to be a little more interactive at mom support-type groups, such as La leche league, if you breast feed. MOPS might also be one to try. Not sure what else is out there.
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