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Fitness and Eating Checkin 8/29/17

All are welcome, whether fitness means a walk around the block or a half marathon!

1. How did you do with your fitness and/or eating goals last week?

2. What are your fitness and/or eating goals for next week?

3. Rants/raves/questions?

4. GTKY: What's your go-to breakfast?

Re: Fitness and Eating Checkin 8/29/17

  • 1. I'm pretty happy! I got back into running/jogging and went 3 times. I'm starting back super duper slow, but it feels so good to just get out there again! Eating has been fine too. It's a lot easier now that my symptoms have subsided. 

    2. Keeping jogging about every other day and also get to a yoga class. 

    3. Nope! All is good right now. 

    4. An egg sandwich with hot sauce. Every day, without fail. 

  • 1.  I made it to CrossFit three times, which was my pre-pregnancy routine.  I also had a very busy weekend involving lots of walking and moving stuff around.  

    2. I'd like to take a few walks with the dogs, if it ever gets below 85 degrees.  I know I'm going to miss some classes this week b/c DH can't go and I feel like I need that sense of security in case I'd get injured in class, etc.

    3. I'm trying to eat healthy but I am really struggling with the amount I can eat at each meal.  A couple of people have mentioned that I look like I've lost weight...  I haven't, but I want to make sure I'm getting all the nutrition I can.  Gotta step up my salad game.

    4. This morning, I had a smoothie because I didn't grocery shop all weekend.  I keep sliced bananas in the freezer, add some SunWarrior protein, a bit of PB2 and almond milk.  Perfect for emergency rations.
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    1. I did ok. Walked a lot, lifted weights and ran my 5K race on Saturday. It wasn't pretty, but it got done. LOL

    2. Trying to keep up with 3 times a week including one run in there. Weather is supposed to cool off in NYC this week so fingers crossed for that.

    3. Excited to feel like I have some energy back. And last night it seemed like my appetite was back. I was hungry all night long. 

    4. Parfait made at home with Greek yogurt, berries and low-sugar granola. Or steel-cut oatmeal with dried cherries and nuts. I LOVE dried cherries but they are sooooo expensive. 
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  • 1. I did great last week as far as my running goes! I logged 17 miles total for the week, with one 4 miler which is considers a "long run" at the moment. My eating just has been "ok". I've been feeling so big! I know the weight gain/body changes come with the territory here, but I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in my body, if that makes sense! 

    2. I'm going to aim for at least 15 miles this week, light weight training, and cleaner eating. 

    3. My bladder has not been cooperating with me. Usually by 2 miles I feel like I going to have to pee along side the road!!! So annoying. 

    4. Definitely plain oatmeal with fresh fruit!!! (Blueberries and strawberries). I also like steel cut oats sometimes. I seriously LOAD the fruit on!!!!
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    1. My fitness is ok but could be better. I walk the dog at least 45 min every morning but need to step up the walks to hikes.   My favorite trail has reopened so I plan on going 3 times a week again.   

    2. This week I'm going tues, thurs and sat!  I also ordered a prenatal yoga video since I can't seem to get to a glass.  

    3.  I m 15 weeks and have gained 7 pounds. I'm not happy about it but I guess need to get used to the idea.  I feel like this is too soon.  

    4. Every weekday I have a poached egg on avocado toast with a spinach lentil tomato with feta sauté.  
  • 1. How did you do with your fitness and/or eating goals last week? Not great... I tried on the healthy eating front, but definitely wasn't perfect. Morning sickness was back was a vengeance. I did order two different prenatal exercise dvd's to try.

    2. What are your fitness and/or eating goals for next week? Try out my new prenatal yoga dvd, and possibly the actual workout dvd depending on MS. Eat as healthy as I can stomach.

    3. Rants/raves/questions? Bummed about not doing well last week.

    4. GTKY: What's your go-to breakfast? It is still variable at this point - sometimes an apple with PB, sometimes a scrambled egg and some fruit. 
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