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 I'm about 17 almost 18 weeks pregnant. Had an ultrasound today. My midwife says from the ultrasound it looks like a girl . I won't know til my 20 week ultrasound. She doesn't see any testicles though. I really want this girl! Anyone else have similar situation? Could she be right ?


  • Someone on my BMB was told they were having a girl at their anatomy scan.  They had an ultrasound at 30 some weeks and turns out they were actually having a boy.  Is it possible that you're having a girl?  Sure, just as possible as it was before the scan.  Don't get your hopes up until the anatomy scan though.  

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  • I had the Harmony test done around 10 weeks and decided to have them test for gender as well. When I went for a 12 week ultrasound, the tech asked what I was hoping for... I said GIRL! She looked on the screen and said "I think you're going to get your wish..." She then looked up the results of the Harmony test that she hadn't seen yet, and said "'s actually a boy." *siiiiiigh* (PS... I could not love my little guy more and now I'm hoping if we have a second that it's another boy!) 

    All that to say... I would wait for DEFINITIVE proof before I put too much stock in a passing 'guess' or 'could be.' I don't mean that to be down on techs, midwives, etc... Just that it may add to the disappointment/confusion if you let yourself believe it is one when it's really the other. 
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