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Organic almond or silk milk?

Hello fellow mommies! My LO is coming up on 5 months on the 26th, I have been exclusively breastfeeding up until about a week ago. We introduced pureed bananas apples & sweet potatoes. Some for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course breastfeeding in between & whenever else my baby boy wants it. I was considering introducing an organic almond milk, or silk milk every now & then. Like when I'm at work & he is with his grandparents. I don't really want to use cow milk, what do you guys think? Have any of you tried this? I would still be breastfeeding. He'd get a bottle of the almond milk maybe once a day. 

Re: Organic almond or silk milk?

  • Are you pumping? Can you just leave them a bottle? I would consider supplementing with formula before I would consider any other kind of milk. 

    Quick google search tells me not only should babies not have any other type of milk until after 1 year, but almond milk shouldn't be introduced until even later (few sources said 2) because of nut allergy risks. 
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  • I agree with what pp's have said. The only thing I can add is my 2cents on goat's milk... I actually supplemented DD1 with goat's milk (with her Pedi's ok) because she wasn't gaining weight and was labeled "failure to thrive." The goat's milk worked wonders for her. She did better on it than formula.
  • You should probably check with you pediatrician first.
  • Definitely talk with your doctor. Ours recommends no milk other than breast milk or formula before 1 year old. 
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    I'm pretty sure they're supposed to have breastmilk or formula until 1 and it should always be offered first. 
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