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Follistim packaging changes

Hello all! Have any of you recieved information from your clinic on the follistim packaging changes? 

I had previsouly used follistim due to a discount program for military but now my clinic is STRONGLY recommending against it. 

The packaging was recently changed so the vile is not sealed in plastic and the box is not sealed.

essentially the medication is no longer tamper proof. My nurse said she had no idea how it was even approved by the FAA. The drug rep was in the office this week and my clinic basically said they WILL NOT perscribe it until packaging is changed back.

Now I have to use gonal f (totally the same drug) just a hassle to get approved for compassionate care, their discount program. 

Has anyone run into this issue?  If not, THIS IS A WARNING TO BE CAUTIOUS WITH FOLLISTIM.

Re: Follistim packaging changes

  • I actually just got it do you have a pic of ur package ?
  • You will be able to tell easily if it is the new or old packaging. The box looks exactly the same. When you open the box there will be a vial and like 5-6 needles. In the past the vial was completely enclosed in plastic. Basically a safety seal around the medication vial itself. 

    With the new packaging the vial sits in a plastic case BUT it is not enclosed. There is no plastic seal/layer on top. 

    Essentially becasue the box is unsealed and the vial is unsealed there is no real way to make sure that it has not been tampered with. At least that is my doctors concern.

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  • This is a picture I found. It is kind of hard to see but what I am talking about is the clear plastic around the actual medication vial. It the past it was sealed over the top so you had to actually open it. Now it is just kind of a sleeve it sits in, not sealed at all with nothing on top, so you just pop it out.
  • Yes my does have the top just bottom it should be ok im not gonna worry about it just another stress to my plate my re wanted me to do follistim rather than gonal she sees better success with it this is the first time im hearing this and i also go on the baby center forum and ppl have used it so idk
  • Not suprised it is the first you are hearing about it. My RE made is sound like they just made the packaging change within the last few weeks. I called around to some pharmacies to see if they had the old packaging but no luck. I wouldn't worry about it either. You already have the meds and they are what your RE prefers so there is no sense stessing over something you can't change.

    i really just put this out there for those that are in the process of ordering meds as I definitely think it will sway some opinions on what to choose. Gonal and follistim are exactly the same so usually people have flexibility to switch them out. Haha i have actually had cycles where I used both interchangeably :)

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where you can't trust everyone. With an unsealed package it is possible for someone at the pharmacy to switch out the meds. My nurse brought out a used vial and showed me how hard it is to see a needle puncture in the rubber stopper. Definitely something you would not see unless you were looking for it. 

    I bet they will get push back from REs and change the packaging back soon. In the mean time I just wanted people to be aware. 

  • I know so when you say changing out the meds what do you mean ? Im stressed now 
  • Do not stress! I am sure it is fine. I totally did not mean to freak out anyone currently using follistim it was more of just a PSA for those considering their options.

    Medications generally come in sealed tamper proof packaging so we can be sure that we are getting what we paid for. My nurse mentioned that without a seal it is possible for some dishonest pharmacy worker to tamper with the the meds. For example use a syringe to suck out all the actual medication and refill with saline or sterile water. everything would look the same so the recipient of the medication would be none the wiser.

    That at is NOT going to happen to you! If you are concerned take a flashlight and look at you rubber stopper to see if there are any marks. It will be fine, you'll see. 

    It it is just a risk that some people, still in the process of ordering medications, might not be willing to take. 
  • Oh ok yes i will have to check it out godness i hope thats not the case i couldnt imagine it oh my 
  • I cant stop stressing now lol
  • No stress!!!! 
  • I know i dont need it were cycle buddies lol 
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