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First time trying clomid (loss and child mentioned)

Hello. I'm TTC #2 at age 37. We have been trying for almost 2 years with a loss last may. 
We went to an RE, tried one IUI with no success. He didn't give me clomid because I ovulate on my own. The RE wanted to send Us hime which was frustrating. We have great test results so he told us to try on our own more. Ugh 
After much discussion back with my gyno he suggested trying clomid. 
I took my first pill today. I take 5 days of these and estradoil for a few days. I'm just curious to know what I should expect. Should I contine to exercise? I run 3-4 days a week. I forgot to ask. 
Any other personal experiences welcome. 


Re: First time trying clomid (loss and child mentioned)

  • I'm a little confused by your post. Was your first IUI unmedicated?
  • Hi, TIA. I'm sorry you're facing this. I know how hard this journey is to survive, but since now you should do your best. And I believe exhaustive exercising isn't a good helper. Probably you'd better cut off your running.. What about the vitamins? Are you taking any? It's vital also to keep healthy eating, more vegs and fruits while preparing. I also read a lot about Royal Jelly. Have a look at it.
    I'm also confused with your good testing results which bring no success so far.. In our case we had the clear picture what to deal with. The problem was in me - endo & PCOS :'( I suffered too much from constant pain.. But if your dr says it's worth trying clomid then just do it well. For us the journey ended with the 3rd shot ivf with donor egg in Ukrainian clinic. So let's say more complicated. Keep on moving, hun. Wishing you lots of baby dust! :)

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  • Thank you! Our good test results mean that they can't figure out why we are having a hard time getting pregnant. We have unexplanin infertiity. 
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