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When did you deliver?

I'm almost 30weeks with di/di twins and have been put on bed rest for preterm labor. And the more I read the more nervous I get about making it much longer. So I was just curious, when did you start having labor signs/symptoms and when did you deliver?  How big were your peanuts and did you have NICU time?  

Re: When did you deliver?

  • I'm so sorry, bed rest is terrible and even worse when preterm labor is possible. I was on bed rest on and off in 3rd tri due to really random stuff. At around 35 weeks I discovered blood pressure issues and went into the hospital and was told I had pre-e and we needed to deliver that day via c section for the safety of everyone. I was 35w5d, DD was 4 lb 5 oz and DS was 5 lb .5 oz. She was in the nicu 2 weeks and he was in it 2.5 weeks.
    We were warned about him staying in longer as boys, especially Caucasian boys, tend to spend he most time in the nicu.
  • I was induced at 38 weeks with my di/di twin boys. No nicu time. I didn't have any bed rest. I did have contractions all the time for weeks (unlike my singleton pregnancies) but no preterm labor. GL!
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  • Mono-di twins here. I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks and my water broke at 32w3d. I delivered at 32w5d. We spent 25 days in nicu. 

  • We were warned about him staying in longer as boys, especially Caucasian boys, tend to spend he most time in the nicu.
    @suchaglencoco - did your NICU use the phrase 'wimpy white boy'?  Mine did, and while I felt it was a little unprofessional, apparently it's a common term in that world.  
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  • My water broke @ 30wks1day. Was put on bed rest in the hospital, after the doctors were able to stop my labor @ 30wks2days. I was scheduled to be induced @ 34 weeks exactly but my boys came 2 days before @ 33wks5days. My boys were 4lbs 4.5oz & 3lbs 12oz. They spent 3 weeks-21 days in the NICU

    Just be strong momma. Relax & i do mean it. Do you happen to have any other kids? Are in bed rest @ home?

    & @DiFazette omg i cant believe they would say that. I would be so pissed of they used my sons race to identify them wtf.
  • DiFazetteDiFazette
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    @vibarra27 - well, it's studied and documented that Caucasian boys have the most lung issues of any race/gender combo in the NICU environment.  Now I had become quite friendly with his NICU nursing staff, so it didn't feel it was offensive, just a bit shocked that they said it to me.  I'm sure they use this term, or a similar one behind closed doors.  
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  • @vibarra27 yes I have three other kiddos! These two were a major surprise! And so far I'm at home. I'm trying to relax!  It's so hard when I feel like I'm nearly neglecting my other kids. Thankfully our oldest is 7 and has been a huge help!  But still with 7,5 and 2 at home it's not very relaxing! Haha!  

    And i have also heard the "wimpy white boy" term from some nursing friends of mine. But I'm with you on being a little shocked they would say it to you!  @DiFazette ;

    thanks for for your replies ladies!  I'm just praying these two stay in as long as possible!
  • @DiFazette, yes, the nicu nurses and our labor and delivery nurses used that term with us. I had spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital and had spent nights there on and off before delivery. I had gotten close with the nurses on the l&d floor, so they warned me it would be tougher for him than our daughter and explained why, then referred to is as "wimpy white boy syndrome". So it wasn't too offensive to us, because we were already on joking terms, but I could see it offending me had we just met. 
  • @suchaglencoco - I had the same experience.  I was hospitalized twice before my emergency cesarian so we were on 'friendly' terms.  I was curious if the term was used across the board.  
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  • I had HUGE 34 weekers, 5lbs 7oz and 5lbs 15oz.  Baby A and a 10 day NICU stay and Baby B had a 2 week stay.  I went into PTL at 30, 32, and 34 weeks after 34 weeks the hospital I delivered at no longer actively stops labor not to mention his water broke.

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    @DiFazette oohh. I guess i understand now that thats what they call it. But still i think if i heard it for the first time I'd be like "wtf?". Im hispanic but still id be shocked if i heard docs saying that.

    @Anya Lynn well i can see where your situation is harder. They had me in bed rest @ the hospital since i ran a bigger risk getting an infection if i stayed home. DH & my mom & siblings helped out with DD who was 4 @ the time & started her first day of Kinder the day i got admitted. So i literally didnt have to do much.

     & thats so good your 7 yr old is helpful! Just rest it up momma. You have the rest of their lives to take care of them & give them extra attention. Good luck! Keep us updated!
  • Thank you ladies!  I'm trying not to stress about it. Had to go back to L&D today for more monitoring and they increased the meds which seem to be doing much better now. But the FFN test came back positive. So that's not really good. Trying to stay positive. 
  • I had di/di girls and ended up having an irritable uterus and dynamic cervix. I went on hospital bed rest at 26 weeks, went home at 28 weeks (with a cocktail of drugs) and my water broke at just past 32 weeks. Girls were 3 lbs 1 oz (A) and 3 lbs 9 oz (B). We spent 30 days (A) and 38 days (B) in the NICU. Mostly, they just needed to eat and grow, though B did have some pretty bad lung issues for a while. They are six months today and doing amazing!

    My best advice is just breathe. You may very well make it all the way to 40 weeks! I think I would have gone longer, but there were some horribly stressful and unavoidable circumstances that happened during my last two weeks. And if you do give birth soon, the NICU does amazing things and your babies will show you how strong they are.
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    Our ds was born at 40w1d. I was induced due to high water volume, and that made the infection risk higher going overdue. He went into distress so we ended up in an emergency c-section. He'll be 4 this fall. 

    Our di/di twins were born at 38w2d via a planned c-section. I worked full time, on my feet, until 38 weeks. I spent 2 days with my ds and dh before the girls were born. I never had any labor signs. I seriously wonder to this day how long they would've stayed in if I wouldn't have had my c-section. We had no NICU time at all. They were extremely healthy and got to come home with us after my hospital stay. Baby A was born at 6lbs 13oz and B was born at 7lbs 6oz.

    My dh was a rockstar. He pampered me, gave me massages, did most of the house work, and did a lot with our ds. Lean on whoever you can for support! Not all twin stories are bad!  Good luck! Keep in touch. 

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  • kde4kde4
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    Delivered at 35 + 2 with 10 days of NICU time.


    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • I had mo di twins and they were born at 34 w 3 days with 10 days of NICU time. 
  • My mo/di twins were boy on June 23 at 31 weeks. My water broke, we tried to stop labor (got two steroid shots in the process) but 18 hours later they were out via c section. Baby a was 3lbs11oz and 17.5 inches long and baby b was 3lbs10oz and 16 inches long. Both above average for 31 weeks. We are currently on day 25 in the Nicu and I think we have a couple weeks yet. We have had no major issues and the boys were only on oxygen 2 days and just got cribs last week. They are 5lbs now and we are just waiting for them to figure out how to eat on their own! 
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  • @tmk0325 how scary! 
    How are you holding up? I hope you're taking breaks for yourself. 
  • I had a PTL scare at 28 weeks with my di/di twins where I had to go in for overnight monitoring and steroid shots after a positive FFN test. Was put on pelvic rest and sent home when they determined my contractions weren't dilating my cervix. Delivered at 35.4 after my water broke on its own. Twins were 5 lbs 7 oz and 5lbs 1 oz, no NICU time necessary.
  • wmam35wmam35
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    I had di/di twins and had an elective c-section at 38 weeks.  They came out 6lbs 6oz and 6lb 11oz.  I credit it to my husband working extra hard so that I could stop working at 28 weeks.  I don't think I would have made it that long if I was still working.  I say that because being on bed rest, while it will be boring, will probably allow you to carry them so much longer, and like pp said you might make it all the way to 40!

  • My di/Di boys were born at 35w6d after my water broke. They spent 8 & 11 days in nicu but are healthy as can be now at 10 months!
    DH & I married 12/17/2012
    Me (31)-dx w/PCOS 2007, when married to ex-husband after MC
    DH (41)-no MFI
    07/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI= chem preg ;(
    08/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    09/2014-Clomid 100mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    10/2014-benched due to RE out of town, tying naturally!
    11/2014-benched due to cyst
    12/2014-Femara 5mg + stair step with additional 5 days Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI=BFN
    01/2015-Femara 5mg + Gonal F 25 units + trigger (plus additional Gonal F 100 units on trigger night) + IUI= BFP!!! Twins due 10/2015
    09/28/2015- Surprise!  Conrad and Hudson born at 35w6d!  
  • I had my di/di boy/girl twins at 24 weeks and 5 days on July 23, 2016. They are currently in the NICU and should be there until November.
  • DiFazette said:
    @vibarra27 - well, it's studied and documented that Caucasian boys have the most lung issues of any race/gender combo in the NICU environment.  Now I had become quite friendly with his NICU nursing staff, so it didn't feel it was offensive, just a bit shocked that they said it to me.  I'm sure they use this term, or a similar one behind closed doors.  
    My twins were girls and we heard about wimpy white boys from several people.
  • I had my mono di girls at 33 weeks via emergency c due to IUGR from a failed placenta and frequent heart decels. They were awesome when they came out at 3 lbs and only needed 3 weeks in the NICU.
  • My twins were just born at 37+4 on Aug. 18th! They didn't require NICU time. Violet was 5lbs 3oz & Everett was 6lbs 14oz. We induced due to the weight difference between babies & Violet's growth was dropping off.

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