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Baby constipation

I dont know if theres already a thread for this so forgive me if there is.  My LO keeps getting constipated and ive tried everything the docs recommend like rubbing his tummy and back doing bicycle legs rectal temp and there any home remedies that anyone knows...hes 15 weeks btw! Ive heard prune juice and apple juice but i dont wanna give his diarrhea either! Please help!!

Re: Baby constipation

  • If you are breastfeeding try eating more fruits and veggies yourself. At least that's what my lactation consultant told me!
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  • No im formula feeding :neutral:
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  • My pediatrician recommended prune juice when my guy was only about 8 weeks old and it worked like a charm. I used it once a day mixed in with his formula for a couple of days and things just kinda worked itself out after that. I believe I used about an ounce mixed in. Good luck :)
  • Are his stools hard or just infrequent? I EP, but thought LO had this issue because he was only going 1-2 times per week and was always very gassy/upset for the day leading up to the #2. However, when he did go, consistency was fine.

    None of the tricks worked for me either. The major causes of this issue are immature digestive systems and the fact that they aren't mobile yet.

    If you're seeing activity more frequently than every 10 days and it's not hard, you're probably just fine.

    Hope this helps!
  • The prune juice works wonders!  Just like @Knottie50227720, I mix it in with her formula if she hasnt gone in a while and she seems uncomfortable.  After she goes she's so much more relaxed.  
  • Thank u all!we are of to the store 
  • Ok so i got the prune juice now if he takes a 6 ounce bottle how much should i put in it?
  • Both of my babies have had to be on soy formula and both suffer from constipation. I do an ounce to an ounce and a half of prune juice in one bottle a day. (Usually either morning or bed time.) It helps keep her regular without struggling and straining to go. Hope this helps!
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