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33 weeks and miserable!

this is my 3rd baby and at 33 weeks I am miserable! At 31 weeks they told me he was already 6 pounds so I have a huge baby!
my other kids are so great and I never felt this miserable when pregnant with them.
i feel like a wimp, but am feeling so bad! So many Braxton hicks, pain (down there), not sleeping, shallow breathing (because he's pressing on my lungs)...I just don't know how I can go another 7 weeks!
can anyone relate???

Re: 33 weeks and miserable!

  • Oh without a doubt.  This is my 3rd too and by far this has been my hardest pregnancy.  I'll be 36w tomorrow and I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that I've got another month.  I was diagnosed with PSD at ~23w and the pain in my pelvic are makes me feel like I'm splitting in two.  I wish I had words to tell you it will get better, but I don't.  I can DEFINITELY empathize though.  I literally feel your pain.  Hang in there!
    Piper, 4/10/10
    Connor, 3/16/15
    Morgan, EDD 9/22/16

  • 3rd baby as well and I'm there with you. This has definitely been the roughest pregnancy out of all three. There's times when he is moving and the movement is so uncomfortable and painful that my body starts tensing up and it becomes hard to breath and I start breaking a sweat. I've gone into L&D and they tell me it's not contractions but just him moving :( It's been going on for months.

    I'm 35 weeks today and thankfully next week we're checking on size because I feel like this baby is ginormous. I always go over my due date and I went 10 days past my EDD last time before they induced me and LO was only 7ish lbs but they had trouble getting him out due to his shoulders. So we're going to start monitoring on size and if this LO is looking large, they're not going to make me wait so long after my EDD.

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